If not powering up Hive today, then when?

If not powering up Hive today, then when?

As every one knows today is First of the month and it is also for Hiver is Hive power up day where Hive users power up Hive and become eligible for the prizes as per the eligibility criteria shared on this post

As far as the price of Hive is considered , look like Hive is almost trading on it's 6 month low , from where it propelled to see it all time high surpassing $3 in value.


In my opinion , even in this bear run Hive is still trading on 80 cents and currently it look like bottom of Hive, Even Hive went below 80 cents but it was just for couple of hours so it make me feel like 80 cents is some kind of bottom or support of Hive.

So if you are still not buying and powering up Hive, then when and what you are waiting for.

Nobody knows if it can still tank further or propel to new ATH but my motto is keep powering up and keep moving forward.

I guess with the start of this year, I have changed my power up strategy and I no longer wait for First of month to powerup as such. I am tracking my goals weekly and powering up every week.

I still understand the importance of this day I will like to maintain the spirit of this day so I am also going to powerup 100 Hive today and going to increase my Hive power for coming days.

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Rajat G
Rajat G

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Avid gamer interested in blockchain.

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