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Learn and Earn CloudCoin. New technology competing with Bitcoin completed Bounty received 100CC (already proff)

By autohn | autohn | 22 Apr 2020

Hello brothers and sisters again, today guide you receive 100CC when participating in Bounty Learn and Earn of CloudCoin.
If Etherum, CloudCoin has Raida that is the slogan of CloudCoin
CloudCoin is a digital currency. It cannot be counterfeited, controlled, monitored or stolen. CloudCoin cannot be doubled, mined or lost. It is 100% private and requires no public ledger, account or encryption. CloudCoin is a completely fair and ethical monetary system.
I made it clear that this is Bounty Learn and Earn which means you must
- Learn how to use cloudcoin's wallet - Download the wallet app and the admin will pay the bonus there.
- Perform tasks on BOT Buzzin of Telegram to get information and understand about CloudCoin and how to use the wallet and how it works.
- Then you go to CloudCoin's Learn and Earn channel and contact the admin to try the wallet then you will receive a reward of 100CC
- This market is really not easy for you and will make you easily discouraged. But the harder it is to believe in yourself in this area, the greater its potential for growth and benefits. binance also talks about cloudcoin on their site

Join Link Join is on task to understand the project: CloudCoin Digital Bounty / Learn & Earn Campajgn

✅ This is not an Airdrop but a Bounty Learn and Earn so the Bot brothers to understand how to use the wallet and then contact the Admin so they can send a direct reward of 100CC to the SkyWallet wallet
✅ Pretty much work needs Telegram - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube - Linked In.
✅ Full task is 147.5 CC (You need to do enough to qualify as a number of CC over 100 to be eligible to receive a reward) and this section does not count ref
✅ Ref is 25 CC
✅ End Airdrop date is unknown and rewarded on Buzzin in May, but when you contact the admin directly after making the Buzzin bot and follow their instructions, you will receive the reward directly via SkyWallet

Step 1 - The first thing you need to do is go to BOT CloudCoinDigitalBountyBot and do the tasks in such that your score above 100 is okay and does not count ref in it.


Step 2 - Install the wallet:
- Before installing the wallet, please install Java because this wallet app runs on Java: Download Java
- Next, download the wallet installation here: Download CloudCoinSkyWallet
- You can refer to the Video how to install and use here:



Step 3 - After you have completed the BUZZIN bot, install your wallet to join the following TeleGram groups


cloudcoinlearnandearn ( This is very important because after you finish all of the above, you will have to go here the admin will support you to receive a 100CC reward)

- When you enter the CloudcoinLearnandEarn group just write on that. "Hello! Any admin here. I Just complete task on Buzzinto learn and allready Install Cloudcoin Wallet please help me to earn reward"
- At that moment, the online admin will tell you to send a message to them and when sending a message to the admin, you should take photos of the tasks you have completed with the BUZZIN bot and provide them with that image at that time. will assist you to receive 100 CC as you have been received.



Contact information about the project

🌐 Website CloudCoin
🌐 Website Website CloudCoin Consortium (CloudCoin Wallet Software)
🏆CloudCoin Digital Bounty / Learn&Earn Campajgn
💎 Telegram Group CloudCoin World
💰 Telegram Group Learn & Earn CloudCoin

🕊 Twitter
📸 Instagram
📺 Youtube
📝 Medium
📘 Facebook
🔗 LinkedIn
📠Publish0x (CloudCoin)
📇Publish0x (CloudCoin Consortium)

More about CloudCoin

Cloudcoin is a new virtual currency platform that runs on the new Blockchain called Raida.
Competitors on par with Etherum Erc20 are CloudCoin and Raida
This admin site I checked the domain has been following this project for 3 years and it is quite enthusiastic and recently Binance also has an article about this project. But you also know which projects have Binance evaluation, Auto delicious not to mention investing for both bot bot Buzzin you try to do.

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