Keybase $20 Stellar XLM Giveaway every month!

Keybase $20 Stellar XLM Giveaway every month!

By MHTCRYPTOBRO | Authentic Airdrops | 17 Sep 2019

Do you know Keybase has Started to giveaway 115 million Stellar to their Platform users! 

If not let me guide you on how to claim your $20 worth Stellar $XLM. 


If you have Keybase, Github or Hacken News account registered before 09/09/2019 then go and download Keybase mobile app or Pc app! 

First click on connect Github, then it will ask you to make a post on Github. Do it and then come back and refresh. It will be connected 

Do the same with every possible profiles like, 

Twitter, Hacken News, Reddit, etc. 

Now your Stellar Id will be generated 

Don't forget to put atleast 1 XLM In your Keybase XLM wallet otherwise you'll be disqualified. 

Token Distribution will be on 15th of every month!


Email -

Will update you about it during withdrawal time


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Authentic Airdrops
Authentic Airdrops

Here I'll be sharing Authentic Airdrops time by time on time!

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