Trading Experience with NYLEX and MRCB

By Atik Karim | Atik Karim | 16 Feb 2019

NYLEX 4944


Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad is a company engaged in chemicals, plastics, and polymers. This company have over 13 Subsidiaries Company which is operating in difference countries mainly in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. The company product is export to Europe, Middle East Countries, Australia, New Zealand and over 15 countries in Asia.


We decided to invest in this counter is because after our analysis we found that the company profit margin can improve due to the cheaper oil price. Since 2014, the oil price had drop from USD 110 per barrel until USD 49 per barrel (updated on 7/6/17). Hence we believe that the company profit will having a better performance with reduce of material cost.


We decided enter to the market on 10/3/17 because the MACD indicator had formed a bullish crossover and the trend of RSI indicator is also on the uptrend. So we buy in at 0.75 with 140 unit. The nearest support point is RM0.68, so once the last done price is below than the support point we will cut loss.



MRCB 1651


Next, we will choose our counter in properties sector. Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) is an investment holding company which engaged in property development and investment, beside that the company also engage in building service and environment engineering.


We choose this company is because this company had a very strong fundamental for us. Beside that it is also a GLC company which means government linked company. We strongly believe that the company will receive the more project from government in the next few year with our country is going to develop some big project like bullet train and Bandar Malaysia in KL, and the company will get benefit on this. We believe the company will play a role as middleman between Malaysia government and the China companies.


We decide to enter the market on 6/3/17 to buy in 100 unit on RM1.48 and 1.43 will be our cut loss point. The reason we buy on 6/3/17 is because the MACD is going to complete the bearish crossover, the money flow index is also on the uptrend and the RSI indicator is also seems going to RSI 50.

Thank you for reading. I will post more articles related to trading.

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