What Is Happening To Our Educational Institutions?

It's becoming the case in university that you need to write for your professor, not for the topic and I'd love to share a startling example from a couple of weeks ago as to why our educational institutions are failing us. A friend of mine in university taking political science had to write a paper favoring socialism and the matriarchy without needing to use references. It genuinely concerns and quite frankly scares me that we could live in a society where the minds of tomorrow are being mistaught so grossly and that academic standards are being abandoned more and more. The next crisis will be on the back of student debt and we continue to push on pretending like this system isn’t a business or that they don’t have a political bias. This is what’s wrong with education today and this is why I skipped my own convocation.

Let me know your thoughts on this and your experiences relating to this in the comments below.

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