Imposter Syndrome And How To Beat It

By Scott Cunningham | Tech And Things | 11 Aug 2019

Imposter syndrome is where someone exhibits a psychological pattern of doubting their accomplishments and has a persisting internalized fear of being exposed as an imposter or fraud.

This can be crippling for content creators as they do not want to misinform their audience and at an extreme could lead them to believe it's better that they do nothing rather than be exposed as a fraud.

This tends to align with the notion of knowing that you don't know much. The awareness and realization that everyone is learning and on a similar path as well as feeling the same thing when they pursue something new as well.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this and if you've experienced this and how you deal with it.


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Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham

Host of Crypto & Things. Sharing my vision of the emerging #Web3 landscape & how we can successfully navigate the digital transformation with #AI & #blockchain. Links:

Tech And Things
Tech And Things

I am the host of Tech & Things and a social media blockchain enthusiast using what I believe to be the next level of social communication. Join me as I share my vision of the emerging Web 3.0 landscape and how we can successfully navigate the digital transformation of AI & blockchain technologies. Links:

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