Earning Passive Crypto With Bankroll

By Scott Cunningham | Tech And Things | 15 Jul 2020

Bankroll is one of the best ways to hold and grow your TRX, BTT, and BNKR. It’s helped me diversify my Tron holdings and crypto income and delivers an amazing return. Let’s go through Bankroll and cover all the different features so you can learn how to get started and earn too.

It's important to note that I prepared this in May and there have been some changes since, but most of what I’ve covered then is still relevant now.

Bankroll is the premiere decentralized finance network on the Tron blockchain. It implements a voluntary, sustainable, and permissionless global economic engine. Through a network of financial contacts, the platform provides real-time rewards in TRX, BTT, and BNKR. You can get started by navigating over to

I also recently did an interview with the creator of Bankroll Tony Perkins which you can check out here:

One of the key things to make note of is like most dividend crypto projects, some participation is involved at least in claiming your rewards. You can do this every day or you can wait as long as you like to actually claim your rewards, but by doing it every day, you are to earn compounding interest by reinvesting those dividends to earn more. Not only that but with multiple options, you can claim or roll your earnings at any time without having to wait per day. Given you have the energy on your account and the time to do so, you can compound your earnings even faster this way.

Now to dive into the platform…


One of the first things you’ll notice when you join Bankroll, is that all the statistics, estimated earnings, and all the information you might need, is easily and readily available to you. Their interface is also extremely user friendly and makes the process feel less overwhelming and stressful. With most platforms that have staking, the user interface isn’t typically centered around that, so their interface isn’t usually as polished and is really a small side feature to the platform. Many people might be unaware that staking is even possible on many exchanges. That’s fine, but for people who are focused on earning crypto in a passive way, centering the platform around that is very refreshing and having all the information around that makes me much more confident in investing.


For example, when I compare Bankroll staking to DLive BTT staking, Kucoin, or Bitmax which are some of the other passive income platforms I utilize, Bankroll offers way more information. For example, all of these platforms offer what I’ve earned, and DLive shares how many BTT has been staked overall, but that’s it. With Bankroll for several investing options, you can see how many people are invested into each option, how much BTT, TRX, and BNKR are invested, how much has been mined, how much is in transactions, you can see every deposit, claim, & withdrawal, track top earners on the leaderboard, and see a graph of the balance invested for everyone over the past month all in real-time.


On top of all of that, with several investing options, you have a massively reduced stakeout time or no stakeout time whatsoever like with Save which makes it very attractive for people who might want to pull out their cryptocurrency at any time with ease.  On top of that, there are no fees when withdrawing your TRX from Save.

Now when you compare it to voting for super representatives on Tron, I would again say that this is much simpler, the UI is way better, and there’s still a lot more information available. For example, you cannot see how many people are participating, you can only see the TRX invested based on the votes.


The picture above shares the UI you would see when using TronScan. It’s very bland and they don’t give you a lot of information on estimated earnings and all the other information you may want to see that is included on Bankroll. It’s just as easy to collect your rewards but reinvesting them is definitely more work as you have to then freeze your earned TRX and then go to and vote on a super representative. With some of the options, I use on Bankroll, reinvesting dividends is as simple as clicking “roll.” There are websites that show the estimated earnings for different super representatives, but again, it is much better to have all the information in one place.


There also isn’t a lot of information about each super representative included to give you a good idea of who you might want to allocate funds to. Bankroll makes this simple so new users don’t get information overload and choice paralysis.

Since discovering BNKR, I’ve put almost 20% of my crypto income portfolio into it and I will be sharing updates on this with you regularly on my dividend update videos part of my passive income journey series.

Let’s dive into the individual investing options available. There are 10 ways to invest. You can use Save, Bnkr, Daily+, Swap, Boost, Credits, Air, and Cash. These all serve different functions, but I personally utilize Save, Bnkr, Credits, and Air because Air is free to use. First, I will briefly cover each feature then I will dive into the main ones I am using.

  • Save – This allows you to earn BNKR from your invested TRX with zero fees attached and you can withdraw at any time without penalties.
  • Bnkr – This allows you to use BNKR to mine, trade, and HODL for network value.
  • Daily+ - Day token is used to earn TRX and BNKR passively.
  • Swap – Swap token represents a liquidity pool that you can add liquidity to and earn passive income from.
  • Boost – Boost token is used the same as Day, but you earn BTT.
  • Credits – Credit token is used to earn TRX passively.
  • Cash – This is a collaboration with Changelly for converting your crypto or cash into TRX or even to cash out by converting your Tron to ETH, BTC, etc.
  • Air – This is a free lottery where every 6 hours, a lucky player wins 25 free Credits and 25 credits are paid out to the community as dividends. 50 credits are donated to this fund every hour. Credits are the token listed above that let you earn TRX passively.

One of my only gripes about this platform is that you cannot simply invest TRX into earning more TRX without getting some other type of token to do so, but given the upside, I think it’s reasonable. It’s also important to note that Bankroll has a healthy share on the network given how new it is becoming very competitive with the WIN token. You can find Bankroll as a top performer based on-chain volume for the TRON network on here:

Let’s dive a little more into the main investing options I use and my process for using Bankroll. Every day or two, I come onto Bankroll and claim my TRX from Save, then roll my dividends from Bnkr and Credits so they are reinvested into earning more.

The reason I went with Save is that I like the liquidity of being able to withdraw my invested TRX instantly with no penalties. It’s also very easy to get started with given the only options are deposit TRX, withdraw TRX, and claim BNKR. Now the downside is I cannot reinvest as easily with just clicking roll, but it’s still very easy to just deposit it after claiming.

The good thing about BNKR and Credits is you can roll your dividends and save some time and Tron network energy by using fewer transactions. With BNKR, you have the option to either invest your BNKR into mining more BNKR or by investing it into the BNKR TRX Depot to earn TRX daily. You can then withdraw your earnings or roll them into Credit tokens which is what I do. Then I roll my Credit tokens that are earning me TRX every day to continue earning more there as well. This way I can maximize my profits and crypto income as best as possible. Like Save, Credits allows you to withdraw at any time, but you also have the option to roll them into being reinvested which is always beneficial and if you’re keen on earning TRX rewards, then Credits are a good option for you.

Let’s clear up a few technical bits of information before we end this off. When you buy and sell credits, there is a 10% transaction fee charged either way. 8% is paid out as dividends, 1% goes to referrals, and 1% goes to promotion and maintenance. This incentivizes you to hold your cryptocurrency and rewards holders with fees from those who leave the network. Credits are pegged 1:1 with TRX, so you never have to worry about losing the value that way.

Anyways, that is the Bankroll network and how I take advantage of it to earn crypto everyday passively. Let me know what you think of Bankroll. What are your favorite TRX investing platforms? Where do you invest your cryptocurrency? Leave your thoughts below and don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe!

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