July 8 Crypto Market Forecast

July 8 Crypto Market Forecast: Unexpected Endings??

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 8 Jul 2023

Uranus is Taurus 22°

Kill or Be Killed 

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22° = Capricorn: this is a degree of WARNING! CAUTION! "BEWARE OF WHINDEY ROADS AHEAD" A fall of a social status and dishonor -Physical accidents, Moral and social matter

Reversal of fortune. The quote that comes to my mind is:
" At the pinnacle of prices increasing"
This quote may some how act as a "Temporal Marker" A reference point in time to refer back to. (CLIFF HIGH)
Risky Market Unexpected endings. Conversations could take a TURN, Killing price momentum??
This turn of events carries into tomorrow's market movement.

Note: This is not a Transit. I am analyzing Uranus at the 22nd degree. I feel this could have an impact on today’s Crypto Market.


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Astro Crypto
Astro Crypto

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