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jan 26 2023 Astrology and Crypto Market Outlook

01/26/23 Crypto Market Outlook w/Astrology

By iCryptobeing | Astro Crypto | 26 Jan 2023

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Financial Advisor, this is NOT Financial Advice, Do your own Research, this is for Entertainment purposes only.
 I am not a professional Astrologer and the info in this report should not be taken a financial advice.
 Note: I am using Western Astrology to Analyze BTC market and price trends. My weekly analysis and forecast helps me learn
 and understand how Astrology influences the Crypto market, as well as our everyday lives.

I am a Crypto Coach, and can help you with technical Crypto issues, Portfolio Analysis, Wallet set up and any other Crypto related questions. Schedule a FREE 15 min consultation you have nothing to loose only valuable info to gain.
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Looking at today's Astrology Transits. Giving my Interpretation of these energies and how they could affect the Emotion Sentiment of the Crypto Market


Today Astrology Transits and aspects:


jan 26 astro charts


Jan 26 Astrology Aspects and transits




jan 26 moon aspects

My Interpretation and Analysis:

Early Morning Crypto Market:
Sideways : Emotion of the market is Passive, relaxed , not up or down. The best way to explain this is, It is moving along.

Midday: Volitle:
Moon Square ⬛ Mercury ♑
Things could get more intense as the day moves on. News, information could come out that moves the emotion of the market towards fear. Not just news that has been shared publicly, but also info that has not been shared. Meaning, someone, entity, whale making a large move ahead of info being released.

Evening: Green = Go
Venus Enters Pisces ♓
This is FANTASTIC!! For Crypto Market!! This energy is Attractive, Valuable, fulfillment, Wealth
Emotions will be positive, and the charts will reflect this with the Green Candles!
The value of the Crypto Market, will increase, become more Valuable!! And all planets are Direct...

End of Forecast

Thank you for reading my Forecast.

Leave a message if you would like me to do a forecast for a specific coin, leave the name and symbol of coin and white paper or first date coin traded.




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Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed.



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Astro Crypto
Astro Crypto

Discussing how Astrology affects the Crypto Market. I have studied Astrology for over 10 years, and continue to learn everyday. I am sharing my own thoughts and opinions, I am not a financial advisor or giving ANY FINANCIAL ADVICE. DYOR!!!!!!

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