Some Cool Activities on the start of 2024 First Weekend

By Aslamrer | Aslam-Hiver | 6 Jan 2024




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Hello Publish0X! Welcome to my blog. First weekend of 2024 has started and I 'm still following my old traditional weekend activities. As weekend start, I stop all other activities and focus on myself. Today, I started my day by following beautiful activities.

  • Special Breakfast
  • Learning Editing Skills on Snapchat
  • Travelling
  • Pizza With mother at Home

Special Breakfast

Usually, I love take Omelette with dry bread in my breakfast. Today was different for me. Our chef cooked Chinese rice and beans. No omelette and no egg any more. After eating spicy rice, I took one bowl of dessert.


At the end, we took tea and our whole environment changed into a yellow chitchat.

IMG_20231231_183922~2.jpg Snapchat Activities

I want to promote hive content on TikTok and Snapchat. For this purpose, I 'm learning editing skills to make my content more cool on Snapchat. I made a short video focusing on my face. Moreover, I took a selfie as well in snap filter.

Snapchat-1393850560.jpg Travelling

On the start of the weekend, there is less crowd on the roads in the morning. I took permission from my mother about driving Hilux. She insisted me to drive across the Clock tower, Lahore because its road is good for weekend driving. I enjoyed driving this site for 1 hour.

IMG_20231229_132307~2.jpg Pizza

When I returned home, my mother has ordered a pizza on Foodpanda application so parcel was there. I paid the bill and took pizza. Pizza on weekend with Family has different level of pleasure. It was indeed a best day for me. I made a short snap and added into my short video as well.


With the start of new year, I have changed my routine as well. Now, I have skipped my all study on weekends and my only focus will be family and enjoyment. I also have made plan to visit beautiful areas near Lahore. I hope, this plan will also work for someday. These were some awesome activities, I have done and shared into my video blogging. I hope you will enjoy. Thanks!


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