Do you want to play a game? Tracking the trackers in Brave Browser.

Do you want to play game was the famous question in the 80s classic Wargames starring Matthew Broderick. In that movie it was humans watching the computer learn that there can be only losers in global thermonuclear war.

This game is humans watching computers and how differing websites track them as they browse. The results can be very educational to those with little knowledge of the privacy game in our current time.

The rules are simple, go to any website you frequent; browse around and see how long it takes you to reach 99+ on the Brave Browser shield icon. You may be surprised at the results you find.

Over the last week I've been building an imgur album showing the number of trackers and website fires up on your initial landing. Some have very few while others are completely ludicrous in the amount they launch [or would want if I wasn't using Brave]. It will boggle your mind especially if you're new to understanding that you are being tracked by the websites you visit.

The imgur album collection -

If anybody would like to try this game, please post how long it takes for your favorite websites to get to 99+.

Thank you Brave browser team for making this game reveal a very dark side to the Internet. I also would like to thank them for changing the game with their hard work!

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