Scam Crypto Website: Mining-Up

Scam Crypto Website: Mining-Up

By Eili | Let's Earn! | 20 Jul 2020

As I've mentioned on my previous post about Lootbits, I will make another review about a website that is just an absolute scam.

This website is called Mining-Up. At first this one was okay. I actually included it in one of my posts before although I put a note on that post already regarding this. This site turned out to be just another scam.

To earn here, you just have to sign up and you will receive free 50 GH/s to automatically start mining. They also have a telegram chat group for users to ask questions directly to the developer. Looks legit, right? Seems like they're really a pro in deceiving people. They even have this so-called livestreaming of the actual crypto mining in their headquarters. But then as time comes, they keep on changing their rules. At first, you just have to wait for your earnings to reach the minimum then you can withdraw. Then they suddenly require a deposit before withdrawing. Many actually fell to this trick. You can check a lot of YouTube videos where they claim that they had their first payout from this site. They said that they did make a deposit then their earnings increased and they had a withdraw. But then, it was not true - probably just did that for referrals or something.

Right now, if you will go to their website, it can't be opened anymore. Even their telegram chat group is also gone. I know that because I joined that chat group to check for updates. The sad thing about this is that those who made a deposit will not get their money back anymore.


This is what the site looked like. As you can see, I already had "free earnings" from mining. But it's fake, totally fake. This is the only photo of the site that I have since the site cannot be opened anymore.

It's possible that they will make another site like this. They will probably just change the name but the interface of the site will look the same. So if you see something like this, don't fall for it. Actually, I've never seen any mining site that really pays so I suggest just stay away from those. If you are into earning crypto for free, just go with faucets or PTC sites. They're much better. Check out my posts for legit crypto sites.

That's it. Let's be careful not to fall for these crypto scams.

Always keep safe! ❤️

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Let's Earn!

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