Crypto Website Review: Litecoinads

Crypto Website Review: Litecoinads

By Schire | Let's Earn! | 29 Jun 2020

Hey there! Today I'll be making a review about Litecoinads.


Litecoinads is a litecoin-earning site wherein you earn by doing PTC, CPA/GPT offers, and many more. There is no minimum amount for withdraw via FaucetPay or WalCrypt, but for Payeer withdrawal you need to have a minimum of 0.02 LTC.

I've been using this site for more than 3 months now and I have already made a few withdraws already. So yes, this site is 100% legit! I've made my withdraw to FaucetPay (link: and I received it instantly, with a 2% withdrawal fee.

The pros on using this site is that you almost never run out of ways to earn. I actually made my withdraw in just 1-3 hours of using this site. You can earn by doing PTC that has 20-40 offers daily which is almost unlimited since you will still get a few more PTCs after finishing those. You will get 675 litoshis every click from that task. If you have upgraded to an active user, you will earn 1300 litoshis per click. You can upgrade by buying an active membership for 30 days worth 0.0025 LTC using your earning balance or by deposit. You can also earn 820 to 1,000,000 litoshis by claiming through their faucet every hour. They also have 15-16 shortlink offers in which you can earn 400-1000 litoshis per shortlink. They have paid to view offer from AsianMag, which pays 2000 litoshis per view. There's also video ad offers in which you can earn 100 litoshis per video. Of course, there's also offerwalls and CPA/GPT offers where you have to finish a task to earn. And lastly, they have unlimited captcha claim which pays you 150 litoshis per claim.

There are definitely a lot of ways to earn here and it won't take a lot of your time to get to the minimum withdraw amount. I think the only part of this site that needs improvement is the revenue ad sharing/traffic ad option. Until now, I still do not know how I can withdraw my earnings from traffic. Although they have a group chat there where you can ask questions, they still can't give me clearer instructions on how to withdraw it. Maybe it's just on my part, but I hope soon I would figure out how I can withdraw my traffic earnings since it's starting to get higher and I want to see it on my crypto wallet already.  

That's it guys. Litecoinads is another legit crypto site that would definitely give you crypto in just a few minutes or hours of using it. It's very easy and the ways of earning are almost unlimited. Check it out, here's the link:

Proof of Payment:



Happy earnings and keep safe! ❤️

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