Mushroom soup made of forest mushrooms in a rural way

Mushroom soup made of forest mushrooms in a rural way

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    Components: Mushrooms 1) Suillus bovinus 2) Chanterelle - chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) 3) Brown boletus (Imleria badia). Of course, other edible mushrooms currently available may be added. To enhance the taste and aroma, you can add a few dried Boletus edulis.  




    Rest: 1) chicken stock with vegetables (soup vegetables) or other stock based on beef, pork - at your discretion 2) peeled and diced potatoes 3) spices, salt, pepper, bay leaf, allspice 4) real stove, fired with real wood :)  



    Who remembers such stoves with pipes? (stove lid). A real, living fire based on pine and beech wood. The beautiful smell of pine resin and boiled pan spreads throughout the kitchen. It won't come back. Now there are microwave ovens and induction stoves - where is the magic and magic?  



    Add washed mushrooms to the broth and, after boiling it, add peeled potatoes.  



    At the end, we whiten cream (so-called fondant) with 30% fat and it's ready.  



Enjoy your meal :)

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Photo: Panasonic Lumix FZ82, September 2020, Lublin
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