Lasagne with spinach, garlic, and Béchamel sauce

Lasagne with spinach, garlic, and Béchamel sauce


Ingredients for béchamel sauce:

wheat flour 500
fresh milk or UHT fatty 3.2% fat
spices, salt


la18.jpg la19.jpg maslo.jpg la17.jpg


Ingredients for lasagne:

Lasagne type pasta
shredded spinach (can be fresh or frozen) 1 kg
a whole head of garlic
yellow cheese grated
spices, salt


la20.jpg la22.jpg la16.jpg la23.jpg


We are preparing the bechamel sauce

So we rub the butter with milk until a pudding-like consistency, add salt, spices as desired and of course, necessarily grated nutmeg.



We prepare spinach

Stew the spinach in a pan, gently watering it (do not add any fat), add the crushed garlic and cook it in the pan until it is pasty.



Put the lasagne ingredients into the mold, it can be glass, heat-resistant or metal. The stacking order is important!

1 - Béchamel sauce
2 - Lasagne type pasta
3 - Spinach
4 - Grated cheese


    la24.jpg la14.jpg     la13.jpg la12.jpg

[EN] And we repeat the process until we get a sufficiently high lasagne

    la11.jpg la10.jpg     la09.jpg la08.jpg



Put in the oven at 200 degrees and bake until the pasta is soft.

From time to time we check the softness of the pasta with a stick or a toothpick.
We serve warm (my favorite) or cold



 Enjoy your meal 😉





Photo: Panasonic Lumix FZ82, November 2020, Silesia
© Copyright marianomariano
all photos and video were taken by me and are my property


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