Cream paste with avocado with lime, onion, garlic and habanero in Zanzibar

Cream paste with avocado with lime, onion, garlic and habanero in Zanzibar



One of the healthier fruits in the world - Avocados


    Everyone knows that an appropriate avocado is served with a very tasty fruit, but few know that it has health and healing properties. Avocados have anti-inflammatory properties, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes, stabilizes blood pressure, has a positive effect on eyesight - you could go on and on. And in combination with garlic, lime, onion and a dose of capsaicin, e.g. from habanero pepper, it is a remedy for many diseases.  




    one ripe avocado, selected by a local seller, one small onion or half a large one, a few cloves of garlic, lime, one habanero pepper, salt  



Preparation of cream paste


    Classically, cut the avocado lengthwise and twist it to get to the stone. Avocados must be ripe and butter-like, not lumpy or stringy, or the paste will not come out tasty.  



    Scoop the avocado flesh with a spoon, put it into a dish and crush it into a mush  



    Cut the onion into very small cubes, do the same with garlic and habanero, the Habaner sharpness should be checked before adding it, so as not to kill the taste with too much capsaicin  



    Mix everything, add only a little salt, no other spices that could dominate the taste, and depending on your preferences, season with fresh lime juice  


Way of giving


    It tastes best with fresh bread croutons or fresh bread. We serve it cold in the form of sandwiches or snacks. The dish is very full and high in calories, so you have to be a bit careful. Enjoy your meal  


Enjoy your meal




Photo: Panasonic Lumix, Zanzibar, Bweju, March 2021

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