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By ArtistByron | ArtistByron | 24 Nov 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Byron from Canada and I draw monsters. I always wanted to draw comicbooks the way Marvel artists did. I wanted to be as cool as Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, who ever drew the Flaming Carrot comics. I wanted those things but I never quite had the ability to pull it off.

The art I mean. Nor the stories. I didn't quite have the thing that tied it all together to make it work right. I don't know if I have that thing yet ... but it's worth another shot because this time the biggest thing that I have tying this whole idea together is the fact that ... if I don't pull off a miracle soon, I will literally lose everything I have.

So the big idea? It's a story about a young creature that goes to live in the big city. It's about getting the first job and getting that first place, that first apartment, finding friends, and all the other bullshit that goes on in between. I hope to tell it in a light hearted fashion with the darkest light humoured art I can muster. I have high hopes to be compared to some of the masters that have come before me and I will draw upon on the pop culture that I can handle without being really dumb.

I say I have hope because there's a big internal part of me that I don't like to talk about much and it thinks this whole project could flop. I keep going despite that because I need to know, ya know? :P
Plus, I've been planning and plotting a bunch of comic ideas for over 20 years. There is no way I am not telling a story with my art.


The stories will be mostly made up using fractions of my life (but heavily dramatized) all the way up to the point where I actually meet my wife. By that time, with luck, ambition and a gentle nudge or two, Monica should have started to tell her story so we can tell stories together. That point is still a long way away (years) which is okay because I have a lot of stories to tell.

The craziest thing about this whole comic idea is how it is already starting to evolve and flesh out as the moments go by. One title has changed to the next.

My idea is to bring this illustrated story to the blockchain and use the technology currently available to me to distribute.


Many reasons, such as the price is low and will only go up in time. Could make it easy to buy into and show others that it's easy to create too.
I believe in the technology and their principle of building with the creators in mind. It's not perfect but it suits the needs of the Horde and that's good enough for me.
Plus my largest collector base is currently on the WAX blockchain and I'm figuring out how to tie collectible redeemable original artwork to the blockchain.

Plus I could maybe engage other communities on the blockchain to have cameos in the illustrations and maybe in the plot.


Speaking of plot, the original idea was about a young creature that was trying to find themself in the city.
That remains the same but now I have it figured out who and what the villains are and I'm becoming more comfortable in the drawing style and ... well I guess we'll see what happens next.

Thanks for reading.

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I am a Canadian Artist living in Canada creating Art ... mostly horror themed. I was shoved hard into crypto early 2021 I still draw and paint horror themed stuff. It has just gotten really weird lately.


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