A Zany Little Ray of Sunshine

By ArtistByron | ArtistByron | 12 Aug 2023

Hey there, I'm Byron from Canada and I draw zombies. This time I drew some sunshine because I need some sunshine in my life right now. These drawings first started off as simple creepy smile face but eventually escalated into a full on PFP project. 


I like to work smarter not harder so I took 4 of the smiles and coloured them in photoshop, then sent them out to accounts that subscribe to my airdrops on WAX, EOS, ObJKT and OpenSea.

Then I forgot about them and went on to do some other things.

Then I came back to them . . . and painted them up 


I could have taken these and made a little quick pack out of them, but that's not complex enough for me. I thought, why not use these for a PFP?
I decided to make them in to suns instead of smile faces because of a lot of reasons, though visually it would be easy to make the 'rays' a new layer on the PFP.

So I needed some backgrounds for these suns. I didn't want to over think every part of the project and kept the artwork loose and flimsy.


I also needed some sun rays.


For these I went for the bizarre and weird and a touch of macabre.

After I was happy enough with the art, I had to use my wife's iphone to take pictures, then photoshop it all.


After this it was just a matter of loading everything up into the NFTHive PFP machine and do all the technical parts. 
Calculating the layers I found that I needed a couple special traits to add extra rarity as well as more possibilities ... but what to use?
For this I used a few old favourites as well as something new.


And that's about it. 
This drop goes live tomorrow, you can get one here. https://nfthive.io/drop/nfthivedrops/5233

Check out www.artistbyron.ca for more of my WAX NFT projects and join the discord https://discord.gg/rA3UMEkpqc

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any questions.



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I am a Canadian Artist living in Canada creating Art ... mostly horror themed. I was shoved hard into crypto early 2021 I still draw and paint horror themed stuff. It has just gotten really weird lately.


This is the blog spot of Byron on PulishOx Byron draws zombies and makes NFTs, this is his story about it ... and stuff See his WAX NFTS here: https://wax.atomichub.io/market?seller=byronjrempel See the EOS side here: https://eos.atomichub.io/market?seller=byronjrempel . also on NeftyBlocks here: https://neftyblocks.com/c/byronartset1 and NTHive here: https://nfthive.io/collections/art/byronartset1

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