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By Artur89 | Arthur Crypto 2020 | 14 Jun 2020

📍 According to a study by Sino Global Capital, investors from China are actively stimulating the growth of stablecoin USDT, which, in turn, inhibits the growth of bitcoin. Sino Global Capital's CEO explains this with the size of the over-the-counter market in China, for which USDT is often used.


VVanguard Investment Company, which owns assets of $ 5.7 trillion, announced the completion of the first phase of a pilot test of settlements on asset-backed securities using blockchain technology. The partner of Vanguard is the blockchain startup Symbiont.


📍In May, the number of new assets in the DeFi sector increased by 1000, reaching 550,000. This is a record increase. And over the past year, the number of DeFi assets has increased 10 times.


📍 Today, the third transaction with an extremely high commission has been sent to the Ethereum network. According to Etherscan, an amount of 3,221 ETH was sent with a fee of 2,310 ETH. The sender's wallet belongs to the mining pool MiningPoolHub.


📍According to a report by Messari analysts, since the beginning of the year, the average return on DEX tokens has been 241%, which is five times higher than the token value of centralized sites. The largest increase was shown by Kyber Network (KNC) - 420%.


📍According to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) investigation, the reason for the closure and bankruptcy of the QuadrigaCX exchange was fraud by its creator Gerald Cotten. He opened many accounts with fake balances and made transactions with real users of the platform.


📍 BTSE crypto exchange launched the first gold futures in the history of the market, the price of which is set in bitcoins. The instrument is a perpetual contract, the price of which is determined by high-grade London gold.

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