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By Art | Art | 28 Jul 2019


Work by @artbyvesa see the video offer of the the physical work here



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Vesa was listening to the Bitcoin podcast an a idea was being thrown around about Bitcoin being perceived dead so many times that it’s like South Park’s Kenny. Always keeps coming back to life. Never in our recorded history has creating currencies been in the hands of the general public, and many of the early pioneers have suffered the consequences.


Often by their actions, but there is a lot of talk behind the scenes. As Andreas Antonopoulos says: “We are experiencing international currency wars on a large scale.”

Much of bitcoin’s history, even if it is just the first app on a more extensive technology, still suffers from it is associated to the dark web, drugs and the silk road. However, it is essential to remember all currency is now digital, and most terrorist dealings and criminal activity is still being conducted through dollars, oil, and other traditional forms of exchange. The balanced perspective is that bitcoin is technology and will be used how people choose to use it.... 

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