The Crypto Ecosystem evolved in the last 2 years ... my fitness didn't!

By PVM | Art of Happiness | 15 Jul 2021

I've done some strange combos throughout 2021, writing #CryptoCooking and the #NFTs & Landmarks articles. I seen many #P0xBros writing about their fitness challenges and I decided to write a sarcastic post about how my fitness level was destroyed by the Covid-19 pandemic, lazy moods and too much time allocated to crypt related stuff. Yield farming doesn't burn calories and working the DeFi fields doesn't build up muscles. Is crypto making me fat? Join me in today's crypto related fitness update!


Race for Life - June 20th 2019

The 2021 PVM will meat the 2019 PVM and will tell him that in 2 years the content creation will be so rewarding that will feel more like a job than a hobby! The 2019 PVM will ask $20 for football  betting. Now lets not assume that 2019 PVM was a prick ... because it may be true! However, 2 years ago I had a fitness level that now I can only dream to achieve.  


On the 20th of June 2019, I completed the Race for Life 10K in 59 minutes and raised 102 GBP for Cancer Research. The Bitcoin (BTC) price hit a 400 days high in that same day, reaching 9,599 USD.  I must be proud I reached 10 K before Bitcoin did. 


Now moving fast forward and summarizing the last two years it's such an easy job. The crypto market went to the moon, than crushed back to Earth. Bitcoin played Armstrong's role, reaching $64,804 on the 14th of April 2021. On the moon, Bitcoin meet Dogecoin and they crushed together with a great impact on the whole crypto ecosystem.  

I quit sport betting and gambling, than in April 2020 I started channeling my creativity into writing on P0x. This new hobby unwrapped nicely and opened many doors. The tipping point ... is crypto making me fat? Nothing can be proven without facts but I can say this theory may be true. 

I had 99 kg on the 31st of December 2020, than spent half year with fragmented sleep and countless hours in front of the screen. My morning routine starts at 7:30 AM, with clicks and checks on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Horizen (ZEN), PipeFlare, GlobalHive and Sometimes I have breakfast before I start writing, sometimes I don't, but I always tend to publish my articles between 9 AM and 11 AM. Real life tasks, family, work and other things that humans do are keeping me busy throughout the day, which leads to last computer time and a sleep pattern of 3-4 hours. 

Now moving fast forward to today, when the Bitcoin (BTC) value hoovers around 33,000 USD. Bitcoin grew 3x in the last two years while by fitness crashed worst than the crypto market in May.


I have to pass my physical tests this Sunday so advance planning and panic kicked at the start of June. I started the intensive training at 113 kg, 14 more than at the start of the year. I blame the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions for that ... and crypto ... definitely crypto! I got fat while my Celsius Network wallet was getting fat!  


I have to run 12 minutes and a minimum of 2,600 meters to pass the test. I done 7 mock tests and every time I was far far away! In none of them had a tempo that will take me close to the pass criteria. I can't run at the standards I was used to run!  To make it worst, I got injured during  my last run in June. A sudden pain in the calf made me visit the physio and take a week off training. 


Feeling better now but the recovery status show a clear week of under-training. It's not like I am missing motivation because this is not the case. The reality is cruel ... I can't keep up the pace from 2019 and I feel my whole body shattering after each training session. Can I blame crypto for this? Or shall I blame me for becoming lazy and allocating to much time to crypto related tasks? That can't be true, because I had days when I didn't even had time to claim faucets


This was my best result, with a 5:15 min/km average pace. Well ... to pass the test I need 4:30 per km and it's hard to believe that I will progress so much with only today's planned run. If you see me grumpy on Sunday, you will know why!


Back into the Cryptoverse, this week was better than my fitness progress. I could see green lines in the wallet and some of my assets even had a considerable raise. Harvest Finance had the biggest pump, with $FARM price surging by 12.5%, followed by $INDEX with 10.4% and $SNOW with nearly 7 percentages. 


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Art of Happiness

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