Earn money with your creative work through the cryptocurrency "Crea"

Translated post from my blog on steemit: https://steemit.com/venezuela/@alexcocopro/ganar-dinero-con-tu-trabajo-creativo-por-medio-de-la-criptomoneda-crea 

Entering the wave of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), I have looked for new applications created thanks to blockchain technology and new ways to obtain income through creative work and I have detected two big problems:

  • The creation of the NFTs is quite expensive because it is mostly done through the ethereum blockchain and a fee must be paid for the miners, which is currently quite high, around $ 160.
  • You can only make money by selling or auctioning your creative work.
    Continuing my search I have found a platform that solves these problems, even though it is little known.



According to the website forobits.com, Creary is a "social network for creative portfolios based on the blockchain, which rewards artists and curators", designed so that authors can register the copyright of a creation and distribute their works directly. to his fans.


Who makes money with this platform?



I have created an account on this platform to test and safely share some digital drawings that I have made and I share with all of you my profile where I will be uploading my projects: https://creary.net/@alexcocopro


It should be noted that this platform has its own cryptocurrency, whose project you can review at https://creaproject.io/ and I share the images where you can check what the price of this cryptocurrency is at the date of publication of this article and how it has been moved in the market.


I also share which are the exchanges where they can exchange this cryptocurrency for bitcoin or for others.


I found it really easy to register and create projects where we can give you a price and upload a preview of the work and upload the works in high quality. Although I have not made any sales, in a short time I have made a profit due to the likes of the community members, who I have noticed that they appreciate the art and have occasional but nurturing interactions.


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