Happy Easter!

By Quaro | art 360 | 4 Apr 2021

Hi everybody, I hope you're having a nice Easter with your families and dear ones. Today I'd like to celebrate by sharing with you some of the illustrations I created for the Darkmoor tabletop role playing game, the source of my comic strip that you can read from here.

This is the first illustration I created for the game, a pin-up picture of the main characters jumping into action:


Darkmoor has an humorous, self-deprecating fantasy setting, filled with jokes and easter eggs (pun intended!) about pop culture. Here some examples:

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As in the best arcade videogames, beating an enemy gives you COINS! And the bloom effect of leveling up can destroy your enemy, if he's affected by strong lights.


Can you get this reference from the '80s? And there's more: Duberry's fireball and dragon punch are obviously inspired by the iconic videogame Street Fighter II, and here's a re-imagined intro with our hero as the main character:



Here's the first illustration I made of Red Sphynx, the mysterious knight Duberry faced in the latest episodes:


In this case, the reference is much more subtle and recent: in case any of you is familiar with the manga Knights of Sidonia by Tsutomu Nihei, it's heavily inspired by the Crimson Hawk Moth organic mecha.

As last pic, here's one of me chilling out with my buddy Duberry:


My best wishes for a nice and happy Easter, and see you soon with new episodes of Darkmoor! Bye!



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