NFTs drops woths the time?

By nelius | Around the life | 24 Apr 2021

This last week, after starting my adventures mining on planet Neri in my own "miserable way", as I was told by some user here (yes, not buying tools and trying to get an NFT with just a shovel is kind of miserable, but I like it by now like it). The fact is that after Alien worlds, I started to visit again the cryptomonkeys and banano discords and found this graceful hashtag #free-drops. I decided to give it a try and I went to some drops in atomichub. I get some NFTs for free but the most of them are taken ny nots or by someone permanently attached to the computer, 'cause they disappear in secs! And if they don't disappear, they are just promo stuff. As a result of that the RAM on my wax account is full and If I get it right, the bedt way to empty that is burning/selling/giving some of the NFTs. By now I need to burn one (maybe give away) neacause I've not enough RAM to sell it, maybe burning will release the necessary amount of RAM, I'm not sure. 

So by now I'll quit following the NFT drops and will continue tasting games. By now I'm in Prospectors, Alien worlds and Upland and it seems the best is prospectors, but not sure at all and it's the matter of another post.

So if you are chasing free NFT to get the collector pleasure it's ok, but if you want to make some trade, the most probable is that you will get some amazing 0.01 WAX trades. I think the time is more profitable if you stay here reading and tipping (or also writing) and with the gains you can buy this NFTs almost for free.

Besides that, there is another ting I don't get at all. Lately you can find a lot of drops that ask you to pay. Well, I don't tell that a drop, maybe 'season sold', 'sommerea' or whatever, but no free drop.

Here there are as example two of my NFTs damned to burn in a moment.




So, have a nice saturday,


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