Alien worlds NFT luck (no luck by now)

By nelius | Around the life | 17 Apr 2021

By now my luck has been bad, no NFT founded while mining.

 I've been for a week or so in Alien worlds and I'm convinced that game is better if you own a piece of land, but right now prices are crazy high and I see no hope to own land in this game. Here you can see as an example a piece of land that, if I understand the game, is regular or basic one and costs by now more than 71000 wax, around 16000$! Crazy, right?



I'm considering buying some tool to increase minning rewards, but I don't know if it worth. Also I hope there will be some more features in a near future!

Anyway, if you get just the basic shovel and click mine time to time, it's lika a TLM faucet, at least :)

Have some of you found some NFT just minning with the standard shovel? 


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