ZetaChain second Airdrop

With the rise of blockchains, in the middle of a huge bull run, it becomes clear that working on interoperability between chains will be one of the main focus of the industry.
Being able to jump from one chain to another, extract data, switch tokens, and send NFTs between chains are just examples. This is my experience: I currently own a few thousand dollars in crypto, splitted on uncountable wallets, centralized exchanges and protocols.

That's why cross-chain projects like Zetachain are so vital for the future and usability of blockchains.
Zetachain is an L1 solution that allows interoperability between blockchains, giving users simple tools to manage their assets and a one-stop access point for developers.
ZetaChain performed a first airdrop a couple of months ago, rewarding 800.000 users for their loyalty in using the testnet.

Airdrop strategy guide for Zetachain

If you have missed this first Airdrop (like I did), you now have the chance to participate in the second Airdrop: this second Airdrop will be based on the activity on mainnet.
To compete for these second airdrop you can visit Zetahub, ZetaChain home for operations (it the same hub where users claimed the first Airdrop).
Users can earn XP points by completing simple tasks using core functions of the chain, like sending a token to external addresses, minting NFTs on fresh Dapps, providing liquidity to native pools or staking Zeta on different protocols.
The only social task that can make you earn points is inviting users to participate.


To participate in the contest all you'll need is a few Zeta: you can buy them on different Cex or Dex ( i personally used Eddy Finance because I used some BNB on BNBChain and Eddy Finance supports multichain). Be Aware: to do not use Coinbase, which allows you to buy Zeta as ERC token (you can not bridge these tokens to ZetaChain).


ZetaChain has a very low gas fee (usually around 0.01$) so a few dollars of Zeta will give you the opportunity to make a lot of quests. For example, you can send Zeta back and forth through your wallets to earn points easily.
At the time of writing more than 800.000 users are participating and using the mainnet, with the top users that have accumulated more than 200K points.
New missions are published every day, so users that use the platform on a constant basis will be highly rewarded.


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