Welcome to Sorare Academy. Free to play, compete for real prizes

Sorare, the digital football trading game based on the Ethereum blockchain, is peaking right now, no doubt. The user base in continuously growing, the company was recently valued around 4.3$ billion, and they raised over $680 M in one of the last funding round.


Despite all of that, Sorare, is not the easiest game to begin as a user, especially if you don't have big money to invest. The barrier to enter is set quite high, and I believe that minimum required for a a base 5 rare cards deck is around $500. This can keep away many users, that are afraid to invest in a game where football knowledge and skills are key factors to succeed
People at Sorare they must be pretty aware of that: that's why, after creating a permanent competition, with real prizes, for all the players that own only common free-to-play cards, they created a Sorare sideproject, called Sorare Academy.

Sorare Academy: Free to play, compete for real prizes

Users can use the same credentials they normally use for Sorare to access this new website. Sorare Academy was created to let users fully understand the game mechanism, how values are calculated and how to build a good team.

As we said before, football knowledge is key factor to success in this game: to build this knowledge, Sorare Academy let users play with all the football players in the game. Users don't need to own a card to use it, they can choose everyone they want, build thier team and competing in weekly leaderboards for real prizes. Top ten users every week get a rare card, directly delivered to their linked Sorare's account.





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