The power of network marketing in Crypto

Being able to create assets that work for you, even when you sleep, is one of the key factors of good money management behavior. Disclaimer: building an asset that works for you requires time, patience, and knowledge. This concept is particularly true in the crypto sphere, where there are a lot of opportunities for building these kinds of assets and marketing is 100% digital. 

Setting up a network marketing campaign, accessing referral programs, and promoting and helping spread the word about a particular service could be an opportunity to help build wealth. When promoting a service or a platform, please just take some time and DYOR: falling into scams or fake projects is easy, and promoting them is even easier.

The added value of this strategy is that to promote exchanges, platforms, or programs, you’ll probably need to get some knowledge on how they works, why people should use them, and what kind of benefit they offer.  The more of this knowledge you’re able to transfer, the more users you’ll involve. Humble opinion: in the cryptoverse, knowledge is everything. If you are fully able to understand what you’re doing and verify the reliability of informations the better it is to stay away from weak projects or scams

In these last few years of lazy blogging  I was able to earn a few bucks just by promoting platforms through their referral programs: here’s the top 3 earners for me.



Total earned from referrals lifetime: 105 $

BetFury  is a gambling platform, one the biggest based on blockchain. While I do not recommend gambling, I started promoting betfury because it offers also different earning services and could be used as an earning tool with faucets and staking options.

If you stay active on the platform and play only what you earn, you could reach different milestones that unlock staking features (BFG above all) and free bonuses. I will not make a complete overview here because Betfury is always evolving. The best way to take profit from it is keeping yourself updated and partecipate in contests and special events.

Nice aspect about Betfury is that you can earn multiple currencies or collect all of your earnings and turn them into BFG





Total earned from referrals lifetime:  0,01395 BTC - 583 $

Cointiply is a multi-activity earner with many solutions: there’s a faucet, a play to earn section, a chat-to-earn tool, PCT ads, and different programs to get paid to participate in surveys or download and use apps.Above 35000 coins (around 3.5$ ) there’s also a 5% interest per year.By referring users, you’ll be able to share a part of their earnings: some of the users I referred are luckily very active on Cointiply and that helped me making a good amount of satoshis.

Cointiply was probably my best earner so far: I was an early user and I was able to cash out multiple time when bitcoin was very low. Every 10$ of 2017 BTC has become a little treasure over time.






Total earned from referrals lifetime:  79 $

PipeFlare is a play-to-earn website that is constantly being developed in the last years with a lot of new features. It has a sort of daily faucet, a deep referral program, rankings and much more. Pipeflare has also his own token, 1FLR, and a very complex bonus system. PipeFlare offers the opportunity to play a lot of mini games in browser, with weekly prizes and rankings. The referral program has 4 tier with different shares: you can a share of the earnings also from people invited by people invited by you. Unfortunately Pipeflare pays out referrals using Zcash, which is currently suffering from last bear market and has not recovered yet.





I also had decent results with Sorare, Splinterlands and a few more. What about you? What referral programs are you pushing?



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 You're not playing Splinterlands? Shame on you! Go try it!


BetFury - Crypto casino with Faucet: Top Earner! Claim -> Play -> Stake -> Earn





You're not playing Splinterlands? Shame on you! Go try it!

Into NFTs? Please take a look at my visual experimentation project The Big Blue Potatoes Storm on Twitter

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Coinbase Earn crypto while learning about crypto.

Cointiply - Best Earner - Earn Bitcoins by doing offers, watching ads and PTC ads

BetFury - Crypto casino with Faucet: Top Earner! Claim -> Play -> Stake -> Earn

PipeFlare - Best Faucet.Pays immediately to your wallet

Presearch Earn tokens for surfing the web!

Sorare Fantasy Football League with NFT An exchange promoted by MATT DAMON

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