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Hi Folks, today i'm particularly proud, since for the first time i'm writing something about a earning-crypto project from Italy, my home country ;)

Stepdrop is an hidden gem, an app that provides you many ways to earn YNG tokens: you can convert your steps into crypto, you can predict prices of different cryptos, you can compete in different challenges against your friends or simply watch a video.

The reason that makes me trust this app - i normally don't use app for earning crypto, too much work for literally cents - is that Stepdrop is marketing tool for promoting the launch of a new exchange. Young exchange looks quite promising, let's see why.

The Young Exchange

The main target of Young Exchange is to make cryptos available to everybody, not just nerds, by providing an extremely simple and eye-catching UI, as well as educational content. This will take more people onboard, expecially here in Europe, that are still not crypto early adopters.


The exchange was born at Polytechnic University of Turin and then went crowdfunding on the British Seedrs platform. The amount raised exceeds 787,000 Euros with a total of 751 investors 

If you follow them on Twitter you'll see Young Platform creates a bunch of educational content: recently, they partnered with MakerDao to push comprehension ad mass adoption of DeFi. 


So... earn by walking? 

As said before, Stepdrop allows you to earn YOUNG TOKENS for various tasks. Young Tokens con be used on Young Platform to buy 80 different cryptocurrencies, or can simply be converted at fixed price of 0.28 $

The easiest way to earn YNG is by converting the steps you're taking during the day. You can convert the minimum of 1000 steps, and you'll get tokens for reaching this different goals:

- claim 6 times in a day (0,15 YNG)

- claim 5000 steps in a day (0,05 YNG)

- claim 10.000 steps (0,25 YNG)

- claim 25.000 steps (0,35 YNG)




Other than that, you can compete against others (or just your friends), by creating rankings and inviting people to join. Every challenge you create costs a minimum of 0,08 and you can set a joining fee for others. Once the timer expires, the person at the top of the ranking wins the full prize. Easy isn't it? 


So... earn by predicting the future? 


Stepdrop allows you to earn also by predicting the price of two different cryptos BTC and ETH. Every bet you make costs 0,10 YNG, and you'll just have to say if the selected crypto will go up or down in the next 3 hours. If you win, you'll win 0,17 YNG. If you lose, you lose ;)

I personally don't use much this funcionality, it's basically gambling and i don't like that much ;)



So... earn by watching videos?

On Stepdrop you'll find different kind of educational content (Young Academy) to learn the basics of crypto, blockchain, trading etc...

Other than that, you can watch ads and earn 0,08 YNG per ads, which is still better than most of the faucets ;)





Definetly Legit, I strongly advice you to try this app. On one side you'll earn a few tokens ( i think you can reach the minimum to withdraw in like a month or something if you use the app every day) on the other you will follow the evolution of an extremely promising exchange, with a strong team behind it. Let me know what's your experience with Stepdrop!



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