NFTS spotlight. 3 artists to follow

Nfts and digital collectibles are one of the key aspects of web3. for sure they are on of the most immediate applications or use case for cryptos. Aside of all the speculation that usually pops out as soon as a disruptive technology comes to the market, I strongly believe that Non-Fungible Tokens have a strong potential: they’re understandable by everyone (Cryptos are not) and they fit a lot of markets, with gaming and art on top of everything.

After the the last bull market, where NFT fomo led users to buy nonsense apes with bad design for millions of dollars, things are back to normal now: the NFT market is slowly rebuilding, the first opportunities are popping out again and, most of all, artists are here to stay.

Day after day it’s becoming pretty normal for artists to produce NFT, while they still do all the other things: exhibitions, collaborations with brands and other artists, and so on. Showcasing your work on curated platforms or marketplaces, such as Rarible, Openasea, or Superrare is becoming a way to promote your work, to get an audience all of that while fans can own a little piece of your work.

I’m still trying to figure out my self how to get an audience for my NFT art project The Museum of Everything, and I’m trying to understand how things worked out for artists I love.


Finding artists with bright future is becoming an activity, exactly like it would be in the real world. If you want to buy an NFT from an artist you should ask yourself:

  • is this artist here to stay? Has he a proven record of exhibitions, or a background?
  • has this artist been selected by curators, or galleries? was he interviewed by magazines?
  • is his work somehow visionary? is he an inspiration for other artists?


I think that a lot of this questions could help understanding the value of an artists, but if all the answers are YES, you might be a little late, as prices for the work could already be high.


A lot of the activity of scouting is about understanding potential. Maybe an artist is very good, but he hasn’t reached the right audience yet. Or maybe you can find a young artist, recently curated by a gallery, that is not under the spotlight yet.

The reason why I’m making this series, "NFTs Spotlight” is to share the work of young artists I love, and maybe help users to understand how to find art they love on the marketplaces.


Mira Ruido


Mira Ruido is a surreal collage artists form Spain.

Throughout these nearly two decades of my creative career,Mira Ruido has  combined client work with personal art projects that have served as a spearhead for my creative development. He use the copy and paste technique to decontextualize general knowledge, reconfigure our senses, and remix the known past with the unknown future. His works offer snapshots of a different world, in which everything seems possible, and they convey a sense of ironic humor aimed at society. I present ordinary, well-known things in a confusing new way.

You can follow his work here



Anxo Vicaino


Mind is a vehicle

I make yours travel. Welcome to my shattered mindscapes.

Anxo Vicaino is a digital artist based in Lugo, Spain. Much of hist work is personal art, but he also does commissioned projects related to the music industry, branding, advertising, publishing and UI/UX. He worked, among others, with  Interscope Records, Warner Music Spain, IBM, New Scientist or El País.

 I've always been consumed by unanswered questions about life, mortality and my own consciousness. For me, human mind and space are equally enigmatic, and somehow they are connected. My work is a way to explore that relationship: I'm interested in understanding our place in the vast universe to comprehend my own existence.

You can follow his work here


Manfredi Caracciolo


Manfredi Caracciolo, is a 23yo Italian based freelance graphic designer and concept artist, passionate about 3d Art, bold shapes and futuristic color combinations. His style is rather graphical and composition-oriented with a strong focus on lighting. ‍

Over the years he has worked as graphic designer and as art director on branding, prototyping and illustrations-concept-album art for various music labels and music producers, designed logos and brand identities, animations for title sequences, advertisements, event graphics and more.

You can follow his work here




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