My Crypto Daily Routine

As for the most of you nice people of Publish 0x, Cryptos are becoming part of my daily life. It all started as a game a few years ago, I was totally fascinated by the whole idea of decentralized currencies and the idea of owning some of them.
My interest in Cryptos, Ethereum especially, started then to grow with my earnings and investments, until I reach the point that I'm dedicating 1 or 2 hours to cryptos daily, usually before starting my daily job activity.

I decided quite immediately that my philosophy, since I didn't have much money to invest, was going to be "Earn and Hodl forever". This was made to give me time to learn what I was doing, understand which project were worth my time and avoiding huge mistakes and scams which are very common.
At the end this strategy worked out quite good for me: I surely missed some earning opportunities, I took very less risk and I know I could have earned much more, but at the end I am satisfied with my portfolio and not being burned.

At this point I own quite a lot of different Cryptos on different wallets that needs to be managed as well as I'm involved in some Crypto related projects that make me earn a little, so let's see I how I'm managing my time, I'm really curious to see how you guys manage yours (Crypto can become quite an obsession to be honest)


Checking my wallets - 5/10 minutes


I'm actually holdind Cryptos on Coinbase, Binance, Atomic Wallet and a Ethereum Wallet which I manage through MetaMask.
This activity takes me from 5 to 10 minutes, just to check the prices of my coins and decide if selling or buying some of them. I normally prefer to Hodl, expecially for projects that I trust, but I sometimes catch opportunities.
Furthermore, I'm staking coins on Binance and Atomic Wallet and I sometimes look for earning opportunities on Coinbase Earn, like the recent Band Protocol Lesson.

Trading - 10/15 minutes

I don't want to lie, I know pretty much nothing about trading.
What I'm doing to learn is using Stormgain mining feature, which lets earn a small amount of coins (maybe 8/9$ a month) that you can use for trading. You can not withdraw your mined coins but you can withdraw your earnings.
Not bad at all if you want to experiment a little.

Blogging - 30 minutes

In the last year I became quite active here on Publish 0x, quite a great platform with great content, and on Hive, which is a little more difficult to manage but can give you great results. This is most time consuming activity, but it's also the main source for earning and finding new projects or earning opportunities.

Faucets - 5 minutes

I don't like faucets much to be honest, but I admit they were a great gateway to earn the very first coins, and become interested in worth-my-time projects.
I'm actually active on PipeFlare , Cointiply , BetFury  and HoneyGain which are the best projects right now and I'm trying to bring them people onboard. I try to claim or use them at leat once a day and then let the refferal system doing most of the job.

Playing - 30 minutes

I became quite addicted to Splinterlands, I have to admit. I'm playing almost every day, usually on my mobile while waiting or in my spare time.
The game is great and I'm also quite satisfied with my earnings, in just a few months my collection is now worth 50$ and I spent nothing but the initial 10$ for the spellbook. Definetely the best blockchain game out there.


Why I'm doing this?

That's how i manage my time on a daily basis, I believe it's quite useful to give yourself boundaries to find a balance and avoid Cryptos from taking too much space in your life. Let me know what you think, Cheers!



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The Very Confused Martin Babalor
The Very Confused Martin Babalor

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My journey to 1 Bitcoin
My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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