I just launched an NFT art project - The Big Blue Potatoes Storm

As you may know - I mentioned it a few times in some of my articles - my full-time job is as Art Director for a big creative agency in Italy. I've always worked with 3d visualization and 3d art, mainly for clients or non-profit organizations.
My approach was always experimental, I've always liked to research, test new tecniques and mix different illustration styles.
In the last years, the idea of taking some of my unused experimental work, which I often did to learn something new with software, and showing it somewhere had popped into my mind quite often.

Almost a year ago I started publishing the results of my experimentation on this Behance page, launching The Big Blue Potatoes Storm project. Since then the page has slowly started to grow, and some users started showing appreciation for my work.

As a crypto enthusiast, the next step for this idea is to take some of these works and turn them into NFTs. I know this might not be the easiest activity in the world, and my NFTs will not impact the world, and the bear market has taken away a lot of investment from marketplaces. I can find thousands of other reasons not to do it.
But I somehow believe NFTs could be a way to promote art and creativity and connect people, and not only make nonsense speculative ape collections.

I myself bought a few NFTs in the past to support the activity of young artists in developing countries, just because I liked the idea.


A few rules I gave myself to try to find my place in the open sea of NFTs:


  •  It's not just about the money. I will give some of my artwork for free to people I like or people who will help me share my project.
  •  I will work with illustration series, testing different materials and pattern
  •  I will mint only 5/5 editions for every illustration. After these 5 illustrations are minted, they will never be minted again.
  •  I will organize my illustration in an open collection: "The Museum of Everything", as a true gallery for my artworks


The Museum of Everything

I organized all my work into a single collection on Open Sea, "The Museum of Everything". Years ago, I was inspired by a beautiful traveling exhibition where works made by mentally unstable people were shown. I realized then that creativity has a million shapes, and that everything has the potential to become art.

This was the perfect match for my workflow, which takes inspiration from everywhere. Might be a postcard, an old sculpture, light, or a material.




At this point, I'm just grateful to everyone who will support this project by sharing it or showing some kind of appreciation.

Spread the love, shake the potatoes storm


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