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In the last years, the two ways people have obtained cryptocurrency are through mining or buying. While mining is today almost inaccesible comparing hardware prices and profitability, buying cryptos revelead itself as a quite a risky investment, due to market instability.

Earning cryptocurrency is a third option: hopefully for the future more and more activities will move to the blockchain, new token will have value, new economies will rise on top of the blockchain. 

So here’s the point: it’s impossible to become rich earning crypto on the web, but it’s pretty easy to get involve in projects, learn how to manage cryptos, discover new project and maybe - why not - discover some hidden gems and get home with some bucks. Maybe the most difficult aspect to manage is the waste of time due to scam or not reliable projects.

Crypto paying projects, faucets, airdrops, are usually a gateway into the crypto world: here’s a list of the most trusted and reliable project I’m into. Do you guys know any other serious project?


Brave Browser - Earning crypto while browsing the web

Brave browser allows you to earn BAT - a very fast growing toke - just for surfing the web and look at ads. I fell in love with this project from the very moment i learned about it on Coinbase earn. I'm using it as main browser since then. Project like Brave make me think cryptos can have a future and a serious impact on everyday's people life. Even if changing the publishing and avertise model is a very ambitious goal, i'm extremely confident. Brave is user friendly, as soon as the wallet will be full integrated, allowing people to withdrawal their BAT to personal wallets, it will earn a huge segment of the market. From my region i still have no access to the ads program, i’m really looking forward to it.

If you want to try it, here's a link to download



Coibase earn - Earn crypto while learning

I love the philosophy of this project: let the base of users of crypto grow, while spreading knowledge.  

The idea is simple: you get paid to watch beautiful motion graphic videos and learn about different cryptos project. Users  understand more about an asset’s utility and its underlying technology, while getting a bit of the asset to try out. 

Coinbase Earn could help open up blockchain access to a new group of users: people who are curious about digital assets, but who’d like to try them out for free just like a normal web or mobile app.

That’s a win-win project. You should really try it.



Presearch - Earn cryptos for searching the web

Presearch built a token ecosystem on top of web searching. Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform. The whole project is much more ambitious than just pay users to watch ads while searching, it aims to de- centralize the power of ranking factors of web searching. I’m earning something like 8 token per day - approximately 32 searches - which is quite a good result to me.

If you want to earn coins searching the web, here's the link


Crowdholding - Earn cryptos for your feedback

I already wrote about crowdholding here. Crowholding is a microtask - bounty platform where you can earn cryptos for completing small tasks, give feedback, reviews or opinion about crypto projects around the world.

It helps startups and young entrepeneurs connecting with their audience, receiving key validations to new ideas and roadmaps. My experience with crowdholding started a month ago: since so far, i've been earning a few coins, discovered some really good projects - like Brave, the browser that pays you for browsing the web - and had a couple of interesting conversations with community members.

If you want to try it, here's a link


Coinpot - The faucet collector

It took me quite some work to gain just a few coins, so definitely faucets are not my favourite earning sites. Again: no one i know became rich with faucets, but i think they’re a great gateway into the world of cryptos. If you want to hold a small amount of crypto, without investing, if you’re scared to buy coins you can practice with faucets.

What i like of Coinpot is that you’ll be able to collect coins from different sites  in one single place, speeding up the reaching of the minimum amount to withdraw. They also have fidelity bonuses as well as a good referral system. At the end, i’m still using faucets, they still make sense to me.

Here’s  a list of sites you can collect coins from: 

MoonCash - Bitcoin Cash

MoonDash - Dash

BitFun - Bitcoin

MoonLite - Litecoin

MoonBit - Bitcoin

MoonDoge - Dogecoin

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