Coinpot Faucets are back online!

After struggling in the last days due to hacker attack on their servers, three of the main Coinpot Faucets MoonLite, MoonBit and MoonDoge are back online with new design! If you don't know what i'm talking about, here's the announcement they made on Coinpot site on what happened.

new moonbit homepage

The bad news is that after the attack a few data were lost, including referrals count for every user. That meaning that every effort to involve new user is now lost forever, and you can not count any longer onto referrals earnings.

Good news is that the team of Coinpot proved to be serious and trustable: they rebuilt the architecture of three of the oldest faucets and they're finally back online. All funds/balances are 100% safe and secure in CoinPot - nobody will have lost even a single satoshi due to this attack.

Even more good news:  for this relaunch Coinpot will make the following initial benefits available to ALL users (new or old)...

  • All Loyalty Bonuses will be initially set to 100%, no matter what you may have had before. Of course you will need to use the faucets each day to retain this bonus as per the previous rules.
  • The Mystery Bonus will be fixed at 100% for the first 7 days before returning to being a mystery % again!

So, have a nice week of claiming!



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The Very Confused Martin Babalor

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