Coinbase Wallet quests: from "Learn and Earn" to "Try and Earn"

Coinbase Earn ha always been a great gateway to spread the knowledge about new crypto protocols all over the world: by giving a small amount of cryptos in exchange for a few minutes of your attention (and a very easy quiz) Coinbase Earn has involved a lot of users and putted a great spotlight over promising blockchains, protocols and tokens.
Users tend to be more involved and partecipate in communities activities, be informed, or just keep an eye on the price of a certain token if they own it. Even if it's a very small amount, and people at Coinbase seems to know it very well. I was always a super fan of this reward system, that in the last years has got me some GRAPH, KAVA, RNDR, SAND, NEAR, LRC, FORTH, MKR and many more.
The project was somehow recreated on other crypto exchange or platform, because I'm sure it added value to a lot of blockchains: for examples Coinmarketcap launche few "Learn and Earn" campaigns not so long ago.

The news in 2023 is that the project got a little upgrade, and it's slowly turning from "Learn and earn" to "Try and Earn", which makes even more sense to me: while passing a 5 minutes quiz can be done almost without using your brain, using and interact with a certain protocol can create even more faithful users. With Coinbase Earn new feature "Quest", users are rewarded for interacting with protocols and actively use them. Usually Quests are step-by-step tutorials that guide users to understand specific features and functions of Dapps: this could be bridging crypto from different layers, minting an NFT, staking Cryptos, and much more.

Coinbase Wallet

Of course, all of these quests are also meant to promote the use of Coinbase's Wallet, which is a multichain wallet with a lot of marketing behind it. In this wallet everything, from design to UX/UI is made with the specific intent of making super easy and user friendly to interact with protocols and dapp.
If you are not into crypto, wallets can be a littel intimidating from time to time: long string addresses, signatures, fake or scam protocols, all of this can keep newbiee away. Sometimes, even if you are super skilled, you can make mistakes. So to complete all of these new Coinbase Earn Quests you'll need a Coinbase wallet, which will automatically connect to your Coinbase Exchange account.
Please also note that a lot of these quest will only be available on smartphone, not via desktop.
Let's take a dive and see what Quests are actually available on the wallet (I think quests may vary from region to region, so not all quests might be available everywhere.

ACCESS PROTOCOL - 15$ - 15 minutes

Access Protocol is a new subscription model where users can subscribe to communinities (pools) managed by content creators by staking a certain amount of ASC token and taking fees from the generated revenues.
In this quest, you'll have to connect your wallet to your Coinbase account, then you'll have to move some of your ACS tokens to the wallet (you can use ACS tokens that you earned in the regular "Learn and Earn campaign") and use them to subscribe to one of the creators in the hub
Please note that you'll need some solana in your wallet to pay for gas fee (1$ worth of Solana will be more than enough)
It's really that easy.



OPTIMISM - Mint an NFT on Optismim through Manifold - 10 dollars - 2 minutes

For this quest, you'll be asked to mint an open edition Nft on Manifold, using ETH on Optimism layer


OPTIMISM - Deposit and Earn with Yearn - 10$ - 7 days

In this quest you'll be asked to deposit OP, DAI, USDC or WETH on Optimism layer, then staking them in a vault and start earning.
The deposit must be locked for at least 7 days. At the end of this period you'll airdropped with 10$ of OP in your wallet.ù




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