Breaking the Mold: How AI is Changing the art NFTs Industry

While promoting my NFT art project The Big Blue Potatoes Storm  I came across a lot of brand-new AI-generated art. AI is capable of generating art, but whether or not it can be considered "truly" art is a matter of debate. is AI just a tool in the hands of creative people freeing them from technical skills, or is it just an algorithm that steals original works and randomly recombines them without any purpose?

The Debate

The debate surrounding human-created art versus art generated by AI centers around the question of whether or not art created by machines can truly be considered "art." On one side, some argue that art created by machines is not truly creative, as it is simply following a set of programmed rules and instructions, rather than being the product of an individual human's imagination and emotions. On the other side, art created by machines can be just as valid as human-created art, as the machines are able to produce novel and interesting outcomes, and the distinction between human and machine becomes less important. Additionally, there's the belief that AI-generated art is a new way to explore the possibilities of art, and it can bring new perspectives and aesthetics to the art world.

It is also worth noting that the term "AI-generated art" can refer to a wide range of techniques, from simple algorithms that randomly generate images, to more advanced techniques such as machine learning and neural networks, which can be trained on large datasets of human-created art and produce new art that is in some ways similar to human-created art. The capabilities of AI in terms of creating art are advancing and becoming more sophisticated, but the debate continues on whether AI-generated art can be considered as "truly" art.



What are NFTs marketplaces doing?

The handling of AI-generated NFTs varies among different platforms. Some platforms, such as OpenSea and Rarible, allow the sale of AI-generated NFTs as long as they are properly labeled and disclosed as such. This means that creators of AI-generated NFTs need to be transparent about the fact that the artwork was generated by a computer program, and not created by a human artist.

Other platforms, such as SuperRare, KnownOrigin and Nifty Gateway, have a more strict curation policy for AI-generated NFTs. They may only accept AI-generated NFTs created by reputable artists and of high quality. Additionally, they may also have a separate section for AI-generated NFTs, in order to make it clear to buyers that they are buying computer-generated artwork.

It's also worth mentioning that some platforms may not be ready to handle AI-generated NFTs yet, and they may not be able to handle the legal and technical aspects of such NFTs. Please note that the regulatory landscape for AI-generated NFTs is still developing and platforms may update their policies in the future.


My opinion

In my personal opinion, whether or not AI can truly create art is not the most important question. What is important is that we are at the beginning of a revolution in the way art is created and experienced. AI is already having an impact on the art system as we know it, and this impact will only become more significant in the future.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to open up new possibilities for art and creativity that were previously unimaginable. It can allow for the creation of art on a scale and with a level of complexity that would be impossible for human artists alone.

It's also worth noting that the use of AI in art isn't only limited to the creation of art, but also in the curation, preservation, and distribution of art. AI can help to democratize art by making it more accessible to a wider audience, and by making it possible for more people to participate in the creation and appreciation of art.

While there may be valid concerns about the implications of AI for the art world, it's clear that we are on the cusp of a major shift in the way art is created and experienced.

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