Blockchain for Good: traceability of food flows

After 3 or 4 yars into the crypto world I'm still fascinated by the opportunity that crypto will trasform the world we live in: the reason has much more to do with the technology itself than every coin I've seen so far.
I do believe more than ever that blockchains are the real asset we should look at, that's why I decided to make a little research on how companies and institutions are using blockchains for social innovations. I will write some articles about the best stories i will find.

Blockchain and Solidarity

Blockchain as a concept is now ten years old. And since its introduction, the
technology— a distributed ledger in which each record, or block, is linked to a previous block by a data and time stamp—has revolutionized global economic markets by allowing participants to securely connect and conduct transactions without the need for a central authority to validate interactions.

Social innovation organizations—philanthropies, NGOs, non-profits, social enterprises, government agencies are also adopting Blockchain in a variety of humanitarian use cases.
Mainly, with 2 clear target: increase transparency and reduce transaction costs. Through Blockchain organizations are able to provide clear evidence of how they raise funds, how they manage them and what they spend them for, while building one of their main asset - Trustability.


The project is an Italian project, created with the aim to reduce food waste: a digital platform for purchasing, selling and donating basic foodstuffs.
Following the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 emergency in Italy, – together with Foodchain, Regusto and Synesthesia – created on the Quadrans blockchain an easy to use platform to book donated food items or buy them at a discounted price.

It is the first decentralised food donation management system that uses blockchain technology to ensure complete and transparent traceability of every flow.


The flow of donations is tracked and safe on the infrastructure thanks to blockchain technology which allows anyone to consult and view the path taken by the food. A project of solidarity that creates trust and security among all those involved in the platform.


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