3 things i like about Crowdholding

Crowholding is a microtask - bounty platform where you can earn cryptos for completing small tasks, give feedback, riviews or opinion about crypto projects around the world.

It helps startups and young entrepeneurs connecting with their audience, receiving key validations to new ideas and roadmaps. My experience with crowdholding started a month ago: since so far, i've been earning a few coins, discovered some really good projects - like Brave, the browser that pays you for browsing the web - and had a couple of interesting conversations with community members.

Here's 3 things that i've been apreciating so far.

You get 2 rewards.

For every bounty you perform, you get two rewards: some YUP, the platform native token, and some project specific token. This system protects users: if the upcoming ICO fails you still have YUP which is already listed on CoinMarketCap. On top of that it feeds the Crowdholding platform, creating an active community of YUP holders.


On the other side, being a token holder lets you involved in projects development. Even with small amounts, you'll be for sure interested in seeing where the variuos projects will end up.

Today Crowdholding has showcased more than 100 projects to 37000 users, and the community is growing.


Unlike many other bounty platform, crowdholding has an outstanding UI/UX. Every details is designed, every idea is well explained, everything you're looking for is easy to find. After ten minutes on the platform, you pretty much know how to move yourself in the environment.
This tells us something: even they did'nt raise millions during ICO, even in cryptos darkest period - late 2018 - they kept innovating and working in their product. They believed they product was something worth trying. (I swear i'm no member of the team, nor i know anyone of them).
The result of such work is notable: i like spending time on this platform.



Voting System

The structure of the voting system on crowdholding is brilliant. To avoid fake users or meaningless comments and feedbacks (Good project, buddy!), top 50% of upvoted comments get the biggest share, while the voters from community gets 35% of total reward.
This allows the community to reward most brilliant users and auto-moderate comments and feedback: as a voter if you can guess the best comment you'll get more reward.


If you want give crowholding a chance, please consider using this link ;)

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The Very Confused Martin Babalor

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My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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