Weighted Blankets for Babies

By Arkemmus | Arkemmus' Blog | 2 May 2021

For several years, childhood therapists have used weighted blankets to help children with problematic conditions (such as TDHA, autism, anxiety, and others) calm down and self-regulate; there are many studies gathering evidence that this article improves children's behavior and sleep cycle when used regularly.
But what are weighted blankets? What are their benefits? Are they safe for children? In this article we will clarify all your doubts on this subject that is gaining more and more attention among parents.

What are weighted blankets and what are they used for?
As its name indicates, it is a blanket filled with a weight (glass beads, plastic balls or organic fabric) that puts pressure on the body; it is used to reduce stress and create a feeling of tranquility.
The theory about weighted blankets is that they can help people with autism, sensory difficulties, muscle aches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other conditions through relaxation of the nervous system. "The deep pressure and touch provided by the weight of the item are believed to reduce the level of arousal and stress the body contains," says Dr. Amna Husain, New Jersey pediatrician and founder of Pure Direct Pediatrics.
The effects of weighted blankets are similar to those felt when we receive a hug while anxious or angry.

Effects on children
Natasha Bravo, Occupational Therapy Pediatrician in Miami, compares the use of these blankets to newborn diapers or blankets, also known as cocoon or caterpillar experiences. "When a baby is covered by this diaper, he experiences pressure that is distributed throughout his body, keeping him calm and conscious. It can influence breathing patterns by making them deeper and slower. " Source: https://theweek.com/articles/879666/weighted-blankets-are-new-parenting-trend-work-
In educational settings, such as the Manhattan Children's Center of New York, a school for children with autism, weighted blankets serve to improve their concentration, making them feel calm, improving the cycle and quality of sleep. "You can affirm the fact that these blankets increase serotonin and decrease anxiety. I think they can help reduce restlessness, so if you can't fall asleep, weighted blankets could be a solution, " adds Dr. Husain.
But she also points out that this technique is still being developed within pediatrics and has very little data. According to a 2014 study, weighted blankets were found to be no more effective than regular blankets in sleep patterns for children with autism, although they currently appear to work.
Children often prefer weighted blankets, and parents say they sleep better and that their behavior is calmer.
There are also other positions on the use of these, such as that of the Los Angeles-based occupational therapist Leah Hiller who does not recommend them for children. "Letting a child sleep under something heavy is unsafe, especially for their development and growth," she warned.

She added that for her clients she recommends no more than 15 minutes per session with these items, since after this time "they are no longer as effective".

Should you or should you not buy a weighted blanket for your children?
Natasha Bravo points out that "you don't have to be diagnosed with a condition or disorder to enjoy the benefits of weighted blankets. However, it must be taken into account that there is a risk of using it and that all the promises that are heard about them are not fulfilled, and this can happen because it is not what the sensory system needs. "
If you want to try at home, here we leave you the key points to buy and use the blankets with weight.
- Infants and very young children (up to the age of five) should not use them for many hours or without adult supervision.
- If your child shows discomfort or simply does not like its use, remove the blanket and do not force him/her. They can try it another time if you feel safe.
- If you have two or more children, you can buy just one first and share it among them; if it works for everyone you can buy another one of the same kind.
- The correct weight will be determined by each person: in the case of children, it should be between 5% and 10% of their weight.
- There can be differences in different brands. It is best to try several options in physical stores and then choose the one that best suits your child.


Otherwise, if you prefer online shopping, you can buy the blanket on the site shown below, so that you will get a 100-day money-back guarantee!
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Lastly, if you have decided to use a weighted blanket, do not forget that the best results will be obtained from combining this technique with many family conversations, outdoor walks, strong hugs and the support of a specialist who guides you and your child.

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