Pickle Finance - DeFi with a Cucumber Flavour

By Arkemmus | Arkemmus' Blog | 6 Feb 2021

When DeFi meets meme culture. 



Pickle Finance is an amazing DeFi project which combines stunning features with a strong sense of humour. 


Among its best features, we can mention:


  • Pickle Jars, that allows users to deposit tokens from liquidity pools and then perform various actions (harvesting, trading, and so on.). Only 7.5% of Jar's funds go to developers. 
  • Pickle Farms, where you can deposit various tokens and then earn PICKLE, the native token of the platform. 
  • Pickle Staking, where you can stake directly your PICKLE tokens.
  • Pickle Jar Swap, which allows you to swap from one jar to another. For example, from the UNI token jar to the BTC token jar. 




One of the main goals of Pickle Finance is to make stable coins "more stable", for example making users buy below-beg stablecoins while selling above-peg ones. This concept is incentivized by rewards in form of PICKLE tokens, given to those who provide liquidity to its pools.  



As already mentioned, the native token of Pickle Finance is PICKLE, an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 1,313,055.4264941590.

Pickle's current price is about 30$ and it's available to buy and sell on UniSwap, 1Inch, and Bilaxy. 



Pickle has been developed by pseudonymous founders; among them, the main developer is known as "Larry the Cucumber". The logo of Pickle Finance displays, well, a cucumber...







The famous yield farming protocol yearn.finance has integrated Pickle Jars into its yVaults; 10% of performace fees go to Pickle developers. 



Pickle community is very active and has its own forum, as well as discord chat, Medium, Twitter account, and much more online presence.



Pickle Finance has lots of positive unbiased reviews all over the web: for example this article on medium and the in-depth analysis below, by Tyler Reynolds. 







Definitely, something to have on our watchlist. 

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