7 Good reasons to choose an Organic mattress

7 Good reasons to choose an Organic mattress

By Arkemmus | Arkemmus' Blog | 14 May 2021

Using an organic mattress doesn't just mean sleeping on natural materials. From being more environmentally friendly to the positive effects on your health, there are a few reasons that make the difference. It is not only an investment in your night's rest, but also in the health and vitality of you and your family - with care for our Earth.

1. No toxins or harmful materials
Do you know what you sleep on? This is not a so strange question. It is a subject of which little is known, but a lot is said. Not everyone is aware of what exactly is in his or her mattress and which substances are used during the production process. Because of this, many people unconsciously sleep on toxins and harmful materials without knowing how they affect our rest and overall health.
The vast majority of mattresses contain synthetic materials (such as memory foam and polyether). In addition to the fact that synthetic fabrics are not natural materials, various chemicals are also added during the production process. Many mattresses contain harmful substances, including dichlorobenzene (main component for PU / cold foam mattresses) and PBDEs (flame retardants) that lead to various health problems such as skin irritation, burning or puffy eyes, allergies, hormone problems, fertility problems, and asthma.
Always keep in mind that your body is a product of nature that breathes. In short, your body comes into contact with toxic substances at night and is - logically - also very resistant to this. There go the rest, the recovery and charging ...

What about Naturepedic mattresses?
We can say with certainty about Naturepedic mattresses that they only contain materials free of harmful chemicals, that is they are 100% non-toxic: materials that only come directly from nature. The materials in their mattresses are obtained in a natural and fair way; so they are good both for people and for the environment. Naturepedic products are regularly tested and are certified by GREENGUARD®, the strictest independent third party testing laboratory for eliminating toxic chemical off-gassing.
What is left then? A well-ventilated, renewable, waterproof, hypoallergenic mattress with flexibility, resilience, and comfort - all made of natural fibers.
What about the flame retardants? Nature has also thought about that: organic wool, cotton, and latex naturally have a strong fire-resistant effect.

2. 100% natural and organic materials
In an organic mattress you can expect that all materials are of 100% natural origin. This means that the materials have been obtained with a view to the welfare of people, animals, and the environment. Naturally, no chemical (pesticides) agents are used. Naturepedic's certifications and quality marks guarantee that the natural materials in their mattresses and box springs meet the strict legal quality requirements.
All Naturepedic mattresses meet the organic and non-toxic standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a consumer goods certification recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

3. Anti-allergen: get rid of dust mites
Various natural materials have a self-cleaning function and are anti-allergenic. Wool and PLA layers make it difficult for dust mites, bacteria, and other pests to survive. Wool and hemp have the same hygienic properties. The combination with organic cotton creates optimal ventilation so that the mattress does not become a brooding place where dust mites and bacteria have the opportunity to multiply and develop. The cotton ticking has stretch knit fabrics and is therefore dirt-repellent and dust-proof.
Where synthetic mattresses have to add various chemical agents to the process to make the mattress as hypoallergenic as possible, nature has long had a solution for this.

4. Optimal temperature control: the solution against night sweats
Nothing is more annoying than waking up because you are sweating. Synthetic materials (such as memory foam and polyether) are airtight, limiting optimal moisture and temperature regulation. A camel can handle the violent temperature changes in the desert through its woolen coat: during the day it offers coolness under the scorching sun and at night it offers the pleasant warmth in the cold air.
Organic wool, latex, and cotton with their open cell structure provide excellent ventilation.

Good to know: bacteria cannot survive in a well-ventilated environment.

5. Get rid of back or neck pain
It is a bad start of the day if you wake up with a stiff neck or back pain. At such a moment you will feel far from vital. Have you ever thought about whether your mattress offers the right support to your body? You will only achieve the correct physical support if you look closely at your body posture and sleeping position.
With good support, the body sleeps in its natural position, which is different for each person. The right back pressure is crucial in this. Think of a beach walk; although the soft sand feels nice, after a while it is more comfortable to walk on the hard sand. Why? Because of the correct foot pressure. The same also applies to a mattress.
Are you a side sleeper? Organic mattresses can make the shoulder zone softer, so that the shoulder can sink deeper into the mattress and your spine is nicely straight.

6. Durable mattress
In the U.S.A. Alone about 20 million mattresses are thrown on the waste mountain every year. The vast majority of mattresses are made of synthetic materials and thus enter the incinerator; not sustainable at all, but very polluting.
Natural fibers, on the other hand, are sustainable materials and also biodegradable. Natural mattresses not only last longer (ten to fifteen years), but the natural mattress can even be filled up again with ease so that you can sleep on a comfortable mattress again. So if you need a completely new mattress, you can safely dispose of your natural mattress - without harming nature.

7. Handmade and custom
Many brands in the organic mattress industry offer, as long as possible, the option to customize your new mattress.
Also, another important thing we need to talk about is that organic mattresses are very often handmade, and thus, buying them, we can support real workers and not machines. You can also be assured that your bed was crafted by people who care.
For a healthy, natural, and optimal night's sleep: every night.

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