Apocalypse dining - Part 1 - Pulled jackfruit

By Lothiali | Apocalypse dining | 24 Mar 2020

I don't think corona outbreak will result in any kind of food distribution crisis. But when discussing the topic with my girlfriend, my mind started wandering away (as it often does) and I asked myself the question: Is it possible to eat good if society collapses, and what do you need to have available at home? I've also seen a whole lot of posts here on random topics lately, so i decided to give this a go!

Basic rules of the challenge:

  • Only ingredients that last more than a year is allowed
  • We must assume no electricity is available, meaning no ingredients from fridge/freezer

Additionally, since I'm vegan and have been since my early teens, only vegan ingredients are allowed. There's probably a lot of canned meat and other products that can be used. But as I have no experience using those, I won't include them.
And to be honest, since I more or less live in the middle of the woods I would rather go out and find deer if it came to the point were meat was a prerequisite of survival.

Generally one can say that there are a few things you should have available:

  • Water
  • Fat - Oil probaly, as it doesn't expire
  • Dry food - Pasta, rice, lentils, flour, etc...
  • Canned food - Beans, coconut milk, crushed tomatoes, etc...
  • Pickles - Cornichons, pickled onions, olives, etc...
  • Sauces - This includes BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, chile sauce, tomato puree, soy sauce, and a whole lot of other flavour enhancers
  • Spices - Should actually be on top of the list, since the challenge is to create tasty dishes out of not very tasty basic ingredients
  • Toilet paper - We all know it is worth killing for. And honestly, who wants to be out of toilet paper the day after a spicy chili?

I'm collecting/writing down recipes while trying them out really, but here's a treat for you - Pulled BBQ jackfruit (4 large servings)

Pulled jackfruit:
1 can (565g) young jackfruit in brine
1½ dl vegetable stock
1½ dl BBQ sauce
1 tsp onion powder
½ tsp garlic powder

4 dl (graham) flour
1½ dl water
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp oil

Drain the jackfruit, mix all ingredients in a pan and cook under lid for about 20 minutes. "Mash" the jackfruit until it resembles pulled pork


Mix flour, salt and water together and knead a few minutes. Let it rest half hour or so, and form 4 flat pieces of bread. Sprinkle oil over hot pan and fry the bread 1-2 minutes on each side (or until is starts to get scorched)

Anything you have available really. Janapeños, olives, sun dried tomatoes, or whatever else you've got!
Sauce could be tricky. The jackfruit (and normally the BBQ sauce it is cooked in as well) is a bit sweet, so I would go for either a salty or a spicy/hot sauce. Again, what I had available was sriracha, so that's what I used

Just throw all ingredients on to the bread and serve with a chilled Corona (like if that wasn't self evident). Holy mother of God...
If this is what the apocalypse tastes like, bring it on!


Based on the price in my local supermaket, this totals up to about $3,00 (or $0,75 per serving), not including the pickles and the sriracha sauce

Let me know what you think if you try this recipe, or if you have any other recipies you think I should try out. Or even if you think this is a fun idea and want to see more. And remember to write the recipe down on a piece of (toilet) paper if you like it, since there will be no computers available when you need it next time

Happy quarantene!

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Apocalypse dining
Apocalypse dining

We all know the end is near, right? Why don't enjoy the apocalypse from a safe distance on a full stomach

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