My (small) Crypto Portfolio - August 12, 2022 (Lost almost all during Luna crash)

By diamondstonk | AnythingCrypto | 12 Aug 2022

I started tracking one of my small crypto portfolios' performance since November 1, 2021. Last time when I posted my portfolio status on March 28, total value of this portfolio in USD was around $833.32, total cost (amount I initially invested) was $1,015. I had believed in Luna(Now Luna Classic) and, unfortunately, with crash of Luna I lost most of these. I poured more funds to recover in last minute but it only increased my loss to total around $1,500. Worse thing was that I was holding Luna Classic in CEX which didn't support new Luna airdrop, so that was it.  

(Past March post link:


Now this is what's left in this portfolio..

  • Sandbox            66.2  
  • Blok                  770.8  

With the portfolio total became around $90.64 which would wouldn't even sufficient to cover trading fee, I am thinking should I start over or not. Whether or not I put more money in this, first I decided to start tracking the portfolio again and think. I wish I can recover and share good news in future!


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