My (small) Crypto Portfolio - March 28, 2022 (about 3-Week performance)

By diamondstonk | AnythingCrypto | 28 Mar 2022

I started tracking one of my small crypto portfolios' performance since November 1, 2021. Last time, about 3 weeks ago, total value of this portfolio in USD was around $778.34, total cost (amount I initially invested) was $1,015. 

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I am open to listen to your opinion so that next time when I rebalance I can do it right.


  • Polygon(Matic)   0 (Decreased) 
  • Avalanche           1.376 (Decreased) 
  • Sandbox            71.071 (Increased)  
  • Blok                  770.8 (No change)
  • Terra(Luna)         4.738 (Increased)       


Thanks to overall market recovery total value of above portfolio became around $833.32, up but still in red. List of coins/tokens I track in the above portfolio has now decreased to 4 with more concentrated on Terra(Luna) and Sandbox. I wish market goes back all the way up to ATH!


Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

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