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Investment Guide To The Number One Crypto Game - My Crypto Heroes

By dai- | WAX Gaming | 29 Feb 2020


My Crypto Heroes is a turn-based web game that is developed by In this blog i will try to help you progress faster and potentially help you break-even or profit. By no means am I "good" at the game, I'm still learning and want to help others to have a better understanding of the basic of the game.

(This guide is targeted for audience that already have a basic understanding and functionality of My Crypto Heroes)



Do I Need To Invest Any Money?

You can still progress and eventually make profit with the starting heroes that you are given. However this will take you a very long amount of time and dedication. Normally, if you already have a basic understanding of how the game works, and you have found a strategy that works for you, investing a few bucks on extensions and heroes are recommended. But if you are fairly new and you're still dipping your toes in the MCH world, it is better to purchase the Prime Membership.

So yes, you do need to invest. The membership will cost you 1000 GUM or 0.1 ETH.

Prime Membership allows you to progress in a much faster rate as a beginner. Yes, it is a monthly subscription, however if you play the game routinely, this wouldn't be a problem. The Prime Membership comes with a daily bonus that rewards you with 35 GUM or 300 GUM if you're lucky. With all of the daily combine you can earn up to 1300 GUM a month, enough to pay for your next subscription. Prime Membership also gives you double CE in quests, CE is basically the EXP of MCH. This is how you level your characters and extensions. Another great benefit that the membership gives you, is the TOKU bonus. This gives you additional GUM, your reward varies depending on what rank you get on that season. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Progress As A Beginner?

Now, initially you are given 3 Heroes to use, but you can get 2 additional Heroes from the TOKU Reward, Novice Hero Fukuzawa Yukichio for 1,000 Toku and Novice Hero David for 10,000 Toku.






If you play daily, you'll be able to reach 1000 TOKU in a few days. However 10,000 TOKU can be a bit tricky to get in your first month.

An easy way to get around it is by dedicating you extensions CE. Buying a cheap max leveled common extension is the boost you need. You can buy these extensions from the Market tab, and once you are there click on the trade button. A way to find the cheapest maxed level extension is to use the filter. Click on "Edit Search".


Then, put the rarity search only on "C", which stands for Common. And Filter it by searching from the "Lowest Price".


Lastly, click on the "Extension".


The cheapest extension i can found is worth 20 GUM, which is a very cheap price considering that you'll get 10,000 TOKU immediately. 


Another way you can get two extra Heroes is by buying them with GUM in the shop. Novice Hero Raiden Tameemon and Novice Hero Blaise Pascal both can be purchase for 500 GUM each. The smartest way to buy this, is buy earning 1000 GUM first, so you can acquire your next Prime Membership, then use the surplus to purchase these two heroes.



That's how you basically can potentially double your earnings in My Crypto Heroes. Another tip that I will leave you with, is that you should join a LAND as soon as possible. Since this will allow you to join land quest. I myself prefer doing land quest since if you do encounter macchiato or frappuccino (the NPC that has the possibility of dropping you an extension), you will get two chests.


If you have any further questions, anything at all, the MCH discord channel will be more than happy to provide you with answers. Each land also has their own discord channel that hosts events and tips for their members so be sure to join those as well.

MCH discord:

Ocean discord:

Strawberry discord:

Tangerine discord:

Lime discord:

Grape discord:




This is my first post on Publish0x, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Would anyone be interested in a movie review, and an honest opinion on movies that are coming up? 

Thankyou for reading, i hope that you have found this article useful and informative.

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