What Is Q DeFi Rating?

Q DeFi Rating is a portfolio management tool and a fully-fledged database of information on the DeFi industry. It enables users to grow their funds the smart way by providing advanced analytics on every position in their wallets. 

Q DeFi Rating is a free and secure tool. To create a personal account, users log in with their wallets. The system reads the information but doesn't have access to the funds, leaving no loopholes for a security breach. The database, ratings, and articles are available to all without the need to register.


Why Do You Need a Portfolio Management Tool?

It’s hard to keep track of every transaction and open positions on multiple wallets and blockchains. Users need an easy way to analyze the change in the value of their investments over time, compared to the value of their initial investment. Traditional crypto wallets keep the transaction history, but they won't tell you how your staked LP tokens are performing, the amount of impermanent loss that has occurred during the staking periods, or how effective your investment strategy is compared to the strategy of hodling. Handling it all using a combination of tools is time-consuming and unreliable, while a dedicated portfolio management service combines all this data and presents it in an easy-to-understand interface via a single dashboard.

Navigating crypto without portfolio management service also increases the risks of losing money. The accuracy and relevance of the information are the keys to making smart investment decisions and adjusting the strategy to the market changes. While every platform displays APY, APR or ROI, they still fail to provide accurate information. To calculate the returns, a user must consider a long list of factors: token volatility, interest rates, platform's native token stability and utility, Gas and performance fees, impermanent loss, etc. Judging by the information provided by these services, in reality, users are acting on the basis of less favorable conditions than they might otherwise be.

First Look at the Dashboard

Q DeFi Rating provides detailed analytics on every position in your wallet. The effectiveness of each investment position is measured by a combination of metrics.


  • The Current Value and Value Invested columns are straightforward.
  • The HODL Value calculates what the value of users’ assets would be if they had kept them idle in their wallets. 
  • Pool ROI is the sum of Price ROI and Exchange ROI. Price ROI indicates the percentage of returns that occur purely as a result of asset volatility, between the date of the initial investment and the current moment. Exchange ROI shows the combination of fees accumulated during the staking period, possible impermanent loss, and earnings in platform governance tokens.
  • HODL ROI is much like HODL Value but is expressed as a percentage. 
  • Pool ROI vs. HODL ROI is simply the difference between the two.

To dig deeper, users can click on any position and proceed to an even more detailed breakdown of the returns and what has contributed the most to their gains. 


The system keeps a record of every interaction with pools and shows detailed information on the pool composition, upon request.


Access to such detailed analytics helps users to make data-driven decisions by offering them a better understanding of their returns and comparing it to different investment options. It also helps users to mitigate against impermanent loss and avoid risky investments. 

Analysis of Staking and Farming Pools

Besides being a portfolio management service, Q DeFi Rating aggregates information about the whole DeFi market and analyzes it using a proprietary formula and a unique methodology.


Users can search for pools by token names, total volume locked, or volume of transactions within pools over the last 24 hours.

The best part is that users can research the pool prior to committing to it and assess the amount of profit they will make and the degree of risks they are taking on. By clicking on the pool name, users proceed to more detailed information like the Expected Impermanent loss and Expected Fees in the next 30 days. The system uses the aggregated data on how the pool performed in the past, the volatility of the tokens and the funds flow to conduct prediction analyses. 


Soon, the platform will also display the estimated APY that a pool can generate in the next 3 days, one month or three months.

Project Ratings, Liquidity & Opinions

Every project has its own dedicated page on Q DeFi Rating, displaying general information, its rating, mentions of the project in the media and so on. The page also includes a Chat “Uncensored” section, where anyone can leave their honest review. 


Each project is evaluated on a set of criteria which includes: liquidity, trade volume, pool duration, governance token supply, smart contract vulnerability, a social rating, how the customer support works, and what token holders and liquidity providers have to say about it. The ‘Projects’ section is a good place to discover new names and platforms to invest in. Users are presented with a comprehensive examination of each product, provided in plain English so that even amateur investors can understand it.

Additional Features

Q DeFi Rating is truly a place to learn about the whole DeFi sphere. You'll also find the 'Token Sales' section listing all ICOs, IDOs, STOs, IPOs and ILOs, explaining how you can take part in them.


The platform includes a Research Center that’s full of articles discussing the market, trends, strategies, and projects, as well as a Glossary section that lists all crypto terms with their definitions. 


Investing in the crypto market requires an infrastructure that will support your goals, keep track of every position and alert you when something goes out of balance. Q DeFi Rating unites all such instruments in one place and provides users with all the tools they need for smart investing.


A portfolio management tool combined with a database of information on the whole crypto market makes Q DeFi Rating a tool that’s suitable for beginners looking for extra support and guidance as well as seasoned investors in need of advanced analytics. 

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Anton Dzyatkovskii
Anton Dzyatkovskii

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Anton Dzyatkovskii is the blockchain architect lead. He is a passionate entrepreneur and a skilled negotiator. He is a hardworking business leader with more than 13 years of experience in different positions within the FinTech, Retail, and E-Commerce sectors. He is also experienced in expanding financial businesses to totally new markets.

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