Upland: A platform like never before!

By Answerly app | Answerly | 24 Feb 2021

Upland: A revolutionary platform!

Purchasing properties that are identical to the real-life properties in a game is an idea that would have sounded ludicrous, to say the least, only a decade ago or so. But now? Well, Upland has changed the dynamics of real estate gaming in a manner that we find stunning, putting things mildly. The platform allows its users to purchase & trade properties without much hassle but more importantly in a fun manner. What is more, players can earn rents and build collections on this EOS blockchain-based platform as well. It is a complete real-estate gaming experience that Upland provides its users, and in this discussion, we familiarize you with this experience. Not only do we talk about the finer points of this platform, but we also speculate about its future. Lots to learn if you are a newbie on Upland! 

Key gameplay features 

What makes Upland fun in the first place? We talk about the platform’s key features in the following sections of this discussion briefly. 

1- Property dealing

Once a user signs up on the platform, an explorer avatar will be assigned to them. It is this explorer icon that wanders around a particular location on the map. It is imperative to note here that the explorer’s avatar must pass by a piece of land if a property is to be discovered in the user’s favor. Another key point to note here is that the desired piece of land or property can be purchased only within a certain amount of time. If the players don’t make use of the time slot and are late on the action, they will not be able to purchase the property. If a player is desirous of purchasing these properties which go back to the undiscovered tab when they are not purchased, their avatar will have to make the trip around the property once more. 

Now coming towards the actual buying process, Uplanders willing to purchase properties on the platform must click on the discovered property. Doing this will open up an informatory menu. In case a player feels the need for more information, they can click on the info button. To know about the monthly earnings, all a player has to do is click on the more option. And finally, if all the details sound satisfactory to the player, they can click on the buy button to purchase the property on Upland. How super convenient was that?

2- Completing collections

Not your average collections though. We are talking about property collections here, put your business tycoon hats on! On Upland, collections refer to a series of properties which cross-match with a certain set of actions or criterion. Upland offers incentives on completing this series of properties. Here, when we say rewards, we are essentially talking about rewards is UPX. For completion of properties, users get a one-time UPX reward. On the other hand, as long as the collection of properties remains completed in an Uplander’s profile, the properties in that series will keep on receiving what is known as the UPX yield boost.  

How does the platform ensure that there are no interest clashes when it comes to collection completion? A pertinent question that we would like to answer briefly here before we move on to the treasure hunts. To take the element of conflict one hundred percent out of the equation, Upland decides on collections in advance. The set of instructions that are followed while making a call on the collections is available on the platform’s website, you can check it out in detail. It is worth mentioning here that completing collections is not as easy it might sound at first. The rarer the property is, the more challenging the task becomes. To achieve goals via negotiations, players must join the Upland community on Discord and negotiate about properties, just like real-life property traders! 

3-Treasure hunts

If making UPX is something that fascinates you, then we have some good news for you. Treasure hunts. These provide Upland players with another chance to make some hay in a fun way. Briefly speaking, there are three main tiers of Upland treasure hunts. These are standard, limited, and exclusive. In the standard version, only once can a user participate in a hunt during 24 hours. Charges will apply for any further entries in this hunt. The limited version of the treasure hunts is open to visitors as well while in the case of the exclusive version, as the name indicates, only Uplander + users are allowed in. Plenty more UPX in these hunts, that’s all we are saying for now! 

We have talked about the types, but what happens in an actual hunt? Well, the goal of such hunts is to discover the invisible treasures, which can be found by clicking on minted properties in the vicinity. A player must make sure that the treasure button is turned on in the menu, before embarking on such a quest. Arrows pointing towards the treasure direction give clues to the location of undiscovered treasure. The moment a treasure is within a player’s explorer’s reach, it will assume the form of a red dot. Once the avatar is close enough to the dot, a popup will open which will then let the player collect the treasure. Sounds simple, but is far from it, super competitive, if anything! 

Upland future

For now, Upland is all about trading & negotiating for properties, which sure sounds fun. But if you are thinking that the platform is not thinking about expanding its range of features, then you couldn’t be more mistaken. There is plenty of exciting stuff in store for Upland's future. For example, how does the idea of more rewards for users who are skillful manipulators rather than just hoarders sound to you? Upland is working on that! Or else, does the idea of buildings that can actually be placed on land enthrall you? Something on similar lines is brewing as well. All we can hope for now is a great platform that will further revolutionize the concept of real-estate trading! 

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