The Last 4 Rounds of Stellar Community Fund

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In the 21st century, the technological era we had been looking forward to has finally arrived. Along with technological advancements, humans have modernized and adapted to new ways of living as well as with development comes ease. It would not be wrong to say that the modern world is an entrepreneurs’ heaven. However, there are a few essential elements that are required for a risk taker’s ideas to come to reality. Fortunately, Stellar Community Funds (SCF) efficiently brings them all to the plate. SCF makes it easier for one to work towards their goal and ultimately climb the mountain of success. 

To put it simply, SCF brings countless advantages to the table, but majorly it provides an industrialist with the opportunity to gain funds. This funding is what allows them to continue working on a certain project. In addition to this, the second-best perk of being a part of Stellar Community Funds is getting to broadcast your project or idea to a broader audience. SCF means you will be a significant part of the Stellar community. Following that, there is no better platform than SCF to get an overall assessment and gather constructive criticism. There is always room for more improvement! On top of that, SCF makes it possible to gain real-life experience in respect to how a particular project would turn out.

In the long run, Stellar Community Funds also plays its significant role in the overall non-profit organization’s blockchain ecosystem. Conspicuously, it brings a vast number of people to the table, in turn, making the community itself enriched in all ways possible. Another equally beneficial factor is that SCF brings traffic to the organization itself. 

Having discussed all the necessary prerequisites, let’s have an elaborated go over about the previously conducted SCF rounds. 

Stellar Community Funds (SCF) January 2020 

Time Interval of the Round

The long-awaited round of Stellar Community Funds (SCF) precisely took a start on the 12th of October 2019 and ended on the 1st of January, 2020. The stretched period ensured that no candidate is robbed of the chance to participate. The proposals of all the projects were to be submitted at the latest by December 14th. This was done to ensure that no hindrance takes place during the session of nomination voting, which began on the 16th of December. Earlier it was announced that the final voting for SCF January round would take place on 27th December 2020 on a stellar platform. Conventionally, the beginning period of the round is reserved for discussion which is also known to be the most fruitful of the entirety of the interval. 

Participants of the January Round 

There was a total of twenty-three participants in this round of SCF. Each of these being more engrossing and efficacious in accordance to today’s time than the last. The participants were warranted to provide a proposal of any sort that required funding or real-life applicability. To illustrate this concept further, a proposal could be about apps, events as well as contents, etc.

Some of the proposals in the round rooting for success were; 

  • 180NF – The first global health app 
  • Galactic Vision – 3D Network Explorer
  • Stellar Keys – Keyspace for Stellar 
  • SPRF (Smart Program Runner Framework)  

Total Funding Pool in XLM 

The award of SCF is undoubtedly worth the effort and hard work that it demands. The generous funding pool is one of the many reasons why the Community Fund is greatly praised. SCF is allotted lumens every year. Therefore, alike each conducted round, the January round was allotted 3,000,000 lumens. This amount was correspondingly distributed amongst the winners. The winners depend solely on the number of votes received for being deemed worthy of receiving the XLM award. 

Winning Projects and the amounts they won (respectively)  

To begin with, even though needless to say, the voting and winner-deciding measures are completely unbiased. To further make the competition as fair as possible, strict disqualification criteria are set and implemented. 

Having said that, let’s get down to exploring the winners of round 3 (the January 2020 round). 

1. Paysapp

Paysapp allows anyone around the globe to transfer money through a communicating application of their preference. Paysapp won the highest award being 18.1090% votes.

2. Stellar Battle 

Stellar Battle is a platform over which you can take part in minor competitions (chosen by the community of Stellar) and win different prizes. Stellar Battle won a total of 15.7051% votes.

3. Litemint

To unknot the details, Litemint is a platform for gaming that currently runs on a Stellar wallet (open source). It won a total of 13.7821% votes. 

4. Public Node 

If you are a part of the Stellar Community, this is for you. Public Node gives voice to the Stellar network by a minimal overall cast. It won a total of 13.1410% votes. 

5. Blue Orion 

Blue Orion uses its means to try and educate the public about the use and prospects of the Stellar Ecosystem. It won a total of 12.1795% votes.

6. StellarTerm

It is a platform for trading clients to further boost the Stellar network. It won a total of 9.6154% votes.

7. Cosmic.Link 

Cosmic.Link makes it easier to make Stellar transactions without granting application access to one’s account itself. It won a total of 8.8141% votes.

8. Lumens for Charity

As is self-explanatory from the name, this application gives access to any organization to donate Lumens (even without having a Stellar Wallet). It won a total of 8.6538% votes.

Five projects of my personal preference

The two projects that engaged me the most were and Biblosphere – a marketplace for book sharing. This is for the reason that for one reason or another they make a favorable addition to society. 180NF is another application (a proposal of round 3) that makes room for a person to nutritionally adapt and grow in correspondence to their living and societal condition. Lastly, Blue Orion and Lumens for Charity are winning applications that grabbed my interest. They can arguably be used to generate a source of income for people around the globe as well as play a minor role in helping some find their way out of poverty. 

Stellar Community Funds (SCF) May 2020 

Time Interval of the Round 

The round took a start on February of 24th and ended on the 18th of May as the final voting closed as well. Amongst this period, the voting for nominations began on the 20th of April, 2020, and came to an end on the 4th of May. It took exactly a week’s pause before the final voting began and the pen-breaking decision for each candidate’s project came closer. Similar to all the other conducted rounds, a certain time slot during the May round was also booked for discussion. 

Participants of the May 2020 Round 

In this round, there were a total of 9 participants with different projects and aims. However, the competition amongst the participants was a tough one as each of the proposed projects had a strong background. In addition to this, they were likely to prove beneficial to the Stellar Community as well as the local public. 

Some of the May Round Participants included; 

  • Skyhitz 
  • Galactic Vision 

Total Funding Pool in XLM 

The funding pool for each round in the Stellar Community Funds (SCF) is standardized. A pre-decided and set number of Lumens are set aside for SCF every year. The projects most deserving of funding are voted for and consequently, they receive a certain amount of money (as an XLM award) based on the number of votes they received. The accumulated amount which is 3,000,000 lumens is divided amongst those who are victorious by a proportion. Typically, there are a total of 8 winners for every round and no different was the case of the May 2020 round. 

Winning Projects of May 2020 Round and The Amounts They Won 

Following are the eight Projects that won the decided number of Lumens (XLM) in the fourth round; 


COINQVEST makes it easier for people involved in e-commerce to transfer cryptocurrency from one person to another. This application introduces a single platform over which the entire process of accepting and sending currency can be done. Not very astonishingly, COINQVEST got voted the highest (21.1838%) and won 635,514 XLM. 

2. Papaya 

This acts as an anchor for various and countless cryptocurrencies (and other forms of web investments). Papaya won the second most votes (17.4455%) and was given the award of 523,364 XLM. 

3. Stellot 

This is known as one of the most innovative winning proposals amongst all in May 2020. Stellot may only be one of its kind e-voting platforms. It won the third-most votes (14.0187%) and got awarded 420,560 XLM. 

4. SendIt

If you are someone who is looking for easier ways to make a payment over the web, this is your call. SendIt introduces a way by which blockchain payments can be made through email. SendIt received 12.1495% votes and won 364, 485 XLM. 

5. StellarTip

StellarTip is a treat for content creators worldwide. It is a chrome extension allowing people to leave tips for content creators on different platforms without any transactional limitations. StellarTip got a total of 11.8380% votes and won a grand award of 355,140 XLM. 

6. SDK for Stellar Qt 

In brevity, SDK offers to bring even more advanced developments to the Stellar ecosystem as a whole. Consequently, it will help broaden the reach of the Stellar Community. Therefore, it received a total of 8.0997% votes and received an award of 242,990 XLM. 

7. NiceTrade 

It is a trading platform piquing the interest of merchants and businessmen. NiceTrade earned itself 7.7882% votes and an award of 233,644 XLM. 

8. Lumenscan

Lumenscan is like Google of Stellar as it grants people surfing access in a Stellar Network. It is the last winner of May 2020 and got 7.4766% votes. It was awarded 224,299 XLM. 

Five Projects of My Personal Preference 

As a music enthusiast, SkyHitz would have my vote. It proposes the idea of a platform for music creators to work on and be paid in XLM. In addition to this, if there is anything we need in the advancing era, it is to help one another to the top. Picl is just the right platform for that and therefore stands as one of my favorites. A few other projects that I consider appreciable from this round are Galactic Trade and because of their ‘giving back to the community’ nature. From amongst the winning projects of My 2020 Round, Stellar Tip takes away the sweep. This is for the sole reason that content creators deserve and should be awarded more recognition and an overall output for the effort that they put in. Fortunately, Stellar Tip makes that possible. 

Stellar Community Funds (SCF) August 2020 

Time Interval of the Round

The August Round 2020 began on the 25th of May, 2020, and came to finish by the 10th of August. During this seemingly long period, several internal stages internally take place to ensure that the most deserving and required applications, etc. make it to the end of the community fund Program. The first stage, after all the submissions are collected, is Discussion. This stage began on 22nd June and leads up to the next integral step of Nomination voting. Lastly, Final voting began on 3rd August and ended by 10th August. After the pause of a week, the decided results of SCF are put forward. 

Participants of the May Round 

In what is known to be the 5th round of SCF, a grand of 19 participants took part. All of these participants presented themselves along with their innovative as well as exciting ideas. The projects submitted came with a short proposal regarding what the goal of the project is and why it should be the one on top of the charts. 

The total of submitted projects included;

  • Stellarmint 
  • Loycha
  • OpenSolar 

Total Funding Pool in XLM

As is mentioned above, the funding pool for August 2020 was no different than the rest of the previously conducted rounds. A total of 12,000,000 lumens are allotted by Stellar to SCF for the conduction of each round. 4 rounds take place in a year after a short gap of three months. Henceforth, the funding pool of each round is 3,000,000 (including the 5th round). Each of these SCF rounds produces 8 winners. The XLM award is split amongst these 8 winners based on voting i.e., the project with the most votes would be granted the greatest number of lumens.

Winning Projects of August 2020 Round and the Amounts They Won

The eight winning projects of the mentioned rounds are listed with their received votes and awards respectively as follows; 

1. Lettuce: Stellar-based point of sale (POS) Application 

Lettuce brings a new perspective as well as platforms for the merchants to conduct trade over. It has the facility of connecting potential buyers and sellers. Over and above that Lettuce is also helps its users steer clear of any extra expenses such as merchant service fees etc. It won the greatest number of votes being 18.1818% and got awarded 545,454 XLM. 

2. StellarMint

It is the Stellar Community’s new go-to for the generation of Stellar tokens. Stellar Mint won 15.8103% votes and a total of 474,308 XLM. 

3. Free Voting Platform 

As the name suggests, the third winning project makes it easier to vote in the current grave circumstance of Covid 19. Free Voting Platform got 15.0198% votes and 450, 592 XLM. 

4. OpenSolar 

The long-term purpose of this winning project is to largely aid the areas that do not have energy resources or a medium that does not require a great sum of investment. OpenSolar received 13.8340% votes and an award of 415,019 XLM. 

5. The Interstellar Platform 

The Interstellar Platform has been of use to people since 2017, it's aim to participate in this round was to continue working and developing the platform for the Stellar Community. It got 13.8340% votes and was awarded 415,592 XLM. 

6. Stellar Update 

Stellar update is a blog containing all the new information regarding Stellar. It also plays a role similar to that of a news bulletin board for the Stellar Community. Stellar Update received 7.5099% of the total votes and 225, 296 XLM. 

7. Xlet

Xlet aims to provide anyone with a hardware wallet by making use of user-friendly software. It was successful in gaining 5.9289% votes and an award of 177, 865 XLM.


This platform has an aim to strive towards an independent working system without any interference or aid in tasks such as distribution of prizes, running an entire voting system, etc. being the last winner gained 5.5336% votes and an award of 166,007 XLM.

Five Projects of My Personal Preference

Loycha has interested me the most amongst all the other projects because of its seemingly easy user interface and requirement in today’s time. Covid – 19 has entrapped people leaving behind no way to connect to the outside world or the economy other than through the web. Therefore, Loycha and its e-wallet are exactly what we need. Similar is the case of Free Voting Update, it allows for a way for the local public to practice their political right without being exposed to a life-threatening virus. Secondly, WolfChain seems to be just the right project to guide us down the path of technological and e-commerce development as it aims to introduce and implement Blockchain in our day-to-day lives. Among the winning projects, Stellar Update was the highlight for me. This is for the reason that it can not only keep the community up to date around the clock but also be a welcoming website for those interested in acquiring knowledge about the Stellar Network. may also prove to be useful by ruling out the rotten eggs and making it easier for the community to make the most out of Stellar without having to worry about being swindled. 

Stellar Community Funds (SCF) November 2020 

Time Interval of the Round 

Following the previously conducted rounds, the November 2020 round was also stretched over an eon, enough to provide people with ample time to submit their projects as well as their proposals. The round began by the end of August 2020 and came to an end in November 2020 with its final decision. Within this period, four detailed phases took place; the submission phase, discussion phase, the nomination voting phase, and lastly, the final voting phase. The results are announced after a week’s pause once the final voting has taken place.

Participants of November 2020 Round 

In this round, 9 participants were competing for the final award in XLM. The participants came forward with their respective projects. Each of these projects aimed to single out and solve issues that the Stellar Community is facing. On the other hand, the projects that did not rule out any existing issues came up with novel ideas to better the organization as a whole.

Some of these projects include; 

  • Blocknify 
  • Crypto Link 
  • Anara Farmers Market. 

Total Funding Pool in XLM 

Stellar Community Funds is allotted a total of 12,000,000 lumens every year. This amount is divided amongst each round of SCF. This is done in a manner that the Total Funding Pool of each round is 3,000,000 lumens. This XLM award is split up between 8 winning participants based on the votes a project receives. 

Winning Projects of November 2020 and the amounts they received in XLM. 

The winners of this round are mentioned as follows along with the number of votes received and the award amount. 

1. Anara Farmers Market

This project would allow farmers to sell directly to consumers and gain more profits. It received 22.5225% of the total votes and 112, 612 XLM. 

2. Ayadee TRAK Supply Chain System 

This winning project aims to direct its efforts to the betterment and ease of farmers in underdeveloped countries. It received 19.4337% and an award of 97,168 XLM. 

3. Lumenswap 

Lumenswap makes it possible for people to switch assets amongst one another on the network. It received 15.3797% and an award of 76, 898 XLM. 

4. Blocknify 

This winning project is built to protect people from scams etc. by making it possible to use an e signature to sign legal documents. It received 10.2960% and an award of 51,480 XLM.

5. DEB 

DEB is similar to uber except that it will be run on lower commissions through the Stellar Network. It received 10.2317% votes and 51,158 XLM. 

6. CryptoLink

It runs on the Stellar TestNet and is a multi-functional app. It has been successful in gaining 8.1725% of the total votes and 40,862 XLM. 

7. Edu Node

Edu Node plays a significant role in the spreading of knowledge and education by the use of Stellar. It has received 7.0785% of the total votes and 35, 392 XLM. 


It has received 5.4054% of the total votes and 27,027 XLM. 

Projects of My Personal Preference 

If I had to choose a favorite from the presented participating projects, they would have to be Anara Farmers Market and Ayadee TRAK Supply Chain. Both of these throw light on a topic that requires mass media attention but is provided almost none. The mentioned project may be a light at the end of the tunnel for farmers and help them achieve a better way of life in the long run. Moreover, scammers and fraud doers are found on every platform. One must take all the precautionary measures possible to maintain a protective air bubble. Blocknify, fortunately, makes this possible. may prove to be useful in this regard as well and therefore, in my perspective, it is an ideal addition to the Stellar Network. 


I would like to wish all the winners of the previously occurred rounds, the heartiest congratulations! I hope you achieve success in the upcoming development stages of your projects as well.

Stellar Community Funds (SCF) has helped a great number of people bring their dreams to reality and work on them tirelessly. SCF will likely continue to be a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and upcoming role models. The Fund is an excellent example of the fact that a community of hard workers can achieve almost anything they envision and remain steadfast over.

On an ending note, I would like to encourage anyone hesitant to be a part of SCF, this is your sign to participate. You never know what is in store for you!

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