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Anyone who has been in the crypto world long enough understands the value of altcoins like Stellar Lumens only too well. The brainchild of Jed McCaleb, the same guy who co-founded Ripple, Stellar has grabbed headlines in the crypto press for all the right reasons. With superfast transactions with a minimal fee, Stellar is fast becoming a crypto choice that cannot be ignored easily. Its accruing popularity is the reason why top partners are attracted to the Stellar ecosystem. In this discussion, we talk about the most significant Stellar partnerships and see which major partners have been attracted by the Stellar Lumens network.


IBM is one of those corporations which have been looking for a cryptocurrency with attributes similar to XLM. Key features of XLM that attracted IBM are the very features that we have already mentioned in the introductory lines of this discussion i.e. fast transactions at a very cheap rate. The IBM blockchain world wire that was built as a result of the collaboration between Stellar and IBM allows monetary transactions from and to a country using the crypto tokens. A pertinent question that might be asked at this point in the discussion is about the support that IBM provides to the Stellar ecosystem. This support is offered by IBM in the form of validating nodes in the Stellar blockchain. 


We are sure that most of you are familiar with this online payment processing service, so we will skip its basic features that will only bore you. We mean to say, almost everyone who has been on e-commerce platforms like Shopify knows what Stripe is all about! But we are not sure if all of you are familiar with the latest reasons for which Stripe has been making the headlines. Well, ever since Stripe put its weight behind BTC and XLM, it has earned massive respect in the crypto world. Not only did Stripe integrate XLM as a payment medium, but it also contributed a hefty sum of $3 million in the development of Stellar. 


Wirex integrating XLM as a payment medium was big news for the XLM fan base, and rightly so. Wirex allows easy conversion of cryptocurrencies at millions of locations in the world, and this isn’t the only outstanding feature of this digital payment platform. It also converts these tokens into wires inside the SWIFT wire transfer mechanism. What does that mean in simpler words? You can pay someone in crypto and the recipient will still be receiving money in dollars, euros, or pounds, whatever the intended medium is. Now you get it why Wirex X Stellar is such big news! 


SureRemit is actually helping itself by utilizing the Stellar blockchain since there is a lot saved in terms of costs. Through the RMT token created by SureRemit inside the Stellar blockchain, ex-pats can save a lot in terms of remittance fees. The same follows for migrant workers who are working abroad. It is faster as well, so a lot is saved in terms of time as well. SureRemit is one of the easiest ways of paying bills for loved ones abroad. Apart from bills, vouchers and charity donations can also be taken care of using SureRemit. 

HTC Exodus 

The HTC exodus blockchain is reflective of the major effort made by HTC to get back into the game since their ouster from the center stage. Without delving into this story, let us mention here the information that concerns you more. So, have you heard about Zion? It is a crypto wallet created under HTC exodus. The special thing about this wallet? It supports XLM, and a few other altcoins as well. 


Smartlands is a company with an aim of converting assets into tokens. Please note that here, we are talking about assets like real estate properties. Sounds a little hard to imagine? The platform achieves this incredible feat by bringing real estate owners to the blockchain. Collaborations with international real estate companies help the company further in its endeavor. Some of you must be thinking about why Smartlands has partnered with Stellar? Primarily because of low transaction fees. Of course, the integration does a world of confidence to morale at Stellar. 


Well, folks that would be all from this discussion. Other notable partnerships that we could not talk about in detail in this short space include Baracoin, Saldo, and Tempo to name a few. We are afraid that for now, that is all we can provide you with to build on. Still, there was plenty to learn from this discussion, what do you say?

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