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Everything about Stellar battle

By Answerly app | Answerly | 28 Jan 2021


Have you ever craved incentives in the crypto world? Any projects that engage the members of the community who are willing to contribute to the development of cryptocurrencies? Well, if you are an avid stellar fan, we have some good news for you. Stellar battleIn this discussion, we enlighten you on how you can score big at “Stellar competitions”, and win community-funded prizes. If you are a novice who wants to contribute to the “Stellar network”, this is just the discussion that you need to read till the very end! Stellar battles are what brings the community together. The best part about the Stellar battles? Anyone can start them & fund the prize pool! 

Are all battles the same? 

Of course not. There is more than one battle theme, and in the following sections, we are going to talk about these battle themes one by one. See if there is something that interests you, something that you might be better at than most in the community. O creative ones! Stellar could do with you lot, so read carefully! 

Battles of content 

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there is just not enough content about Stellar for the netizens to devour on. So, offering incentives to content creators so that they write about this crypto model is a really cool way of raising awareness about the Stellar Network. Members donate to a prize pool for making sure that the finer aspects of the Stellar network are realized. For example, a Stellar content battle that educates people about using the keybase for payments. 

Battles of features 

Looking for a feature that you badly want in your open source project? Offer incentives to the community members and watch them create some really cool stuff for you! Of course, if the feature that you are after is a really cool deal, then there is a chance that more people will donate to technical battles of these sorts, hence the chances of such battles getting realized is even greater. What most people don’t understand here, or undermine the value of the fact, is that the eventual result of these battles is the overall betterment of the Stellar network. 

Brainstorm battles 

Need a marketing plan? An answer? An idea? Brainstorm Stellar battles are the solution to your problems! Ask the stellar community to do the magic for you! This is actually more fun than other themes that we have talked about earlier since this is associated with innovation, which is always a great plus! Definitely need more people stepping forward and funding prize pools on offer for such battles. 

What do the Stellar battles offer? 

We are going to answer this question, regarding community & companies, separately. Well, for the Stellar community members, Stellar battles offer a way that allows the realization of content and services the users would like to see. The same follows for any upcoming products. Also, know this if you are not aware of the concept already, but completion of pending tasks considered of significant value by the community add more to the overall value of the community. Now coming towards the company related aspect of Stellar battles, these battles allow companies to get in touch with the community and even seek their help when it matters the most. Also, just like the recruitment drives that we see more often than not, Stellar battles allow major companies to talent hunt in the massive community of Stellar followers. And lastly, Stellar battles allow companies building on Stellar to know what the community members think is important and whatnot. And we all know how important that is! 

Why Stellar battles are easy to manage? 

Close your eyes for a minute, and imagine funding and managing these battles with real accounts! Sounds near to impossible, right? It is only the power of Stellar that allows people to add funds into a public prize pool. You don’t come across many massive collaborations that can be managed and funded with such convenience, right? Plus, the fact that the collaboration is applicable within & outside an ecosystem adds more value than what meets the eye at first. 


Well, folks that would be all from this discussion. You will come across many Stellar battles that urge the community members to contribute to the development of the platform in unique and imaginative ways. If you are an avid Stellar user, and a community member, think of these battles as your moment to shine and earn big as well! Well, with that word of advice, we bid you farewell from this discussion!

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